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COVID TRIALS CANADA is a non-profit initiative supported by Think Research, the leading provider of cloud-based clinical solutions in is the first patient portal developed to streamline the recruitment process of volunteers willing to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials.What the Client NeededThe main goal was to get the up and running as quickly as possible (time was a critical factor, given the global…(Read more)
What we did:
  • We managed to build the website, from scratch, in record time, based on the wireframes that we received
  • We worked closely with the client to customize some key pages/sections on
  • We managed to integrate the requested marketing automation tool, but not before we fixed some bugs in the Drupal module used for this integration
  • We implemented the domain redirection requested

The Result

A crowdsourcing website with intuitive navigation where:

  • the administrative team can edit content in no time
  • users – patients volunteering to join COVID-19 clinical tests – can easily fill in a registration form with their data

The website successfully onboarded over 1,000 potential participants in six weeks and continues to attract public interest.

Mechanics Hub is the largest recruiting company for diesel mechanics and heavy equipment technicians in North America. But that's the short description of their activity. If we were to detail upon it, we would say that Mechanics Hub is: the leading online resource in USA and Canada for Diesel machinery professionals (mechanics, technicians, parts/service staff and shop managers...) seeking jobs a content-heavy, one-stop resource updated…(Read more)
What we did:

Migrated the Website from Wordpress to Drupal

And this called for a complex, multi-step process, where we implemented content and assets migration from one platform to the other.


Simplified the Content Structure

We knew that reorganizing the content architecture so that it should be simpler and easier to follow was crucial if we wanted to improve the user experience on the website.

And this was definitely no easy task, but we managed to come up with a more solid, more logical structure for this content-rich website.

One that ensures a simplified, more intuitive navigation for its visitors.


Redesigned the MechanicsHub Website

And here we played with color contrasts: black and yellow.

Black was already the dominant color on the existing site and we added splashes of bright yellow, the same hue that you can find in their logo, to:

  • reinforce their brand identity aesthetically
  • draw attention to specific pieces of content on the website, leveraging this powerful contrast, and better guide the visitors to the key sections there

Overall, besides this strategic use of color contrast, our team strived to give the site's old design a cleaner, simpler look. To bring it up to date with the latest web standards.

Mechanics Forum


Implemented Responsive Web Design

Again, ensuring that this heavy (and heavily diversified) content ecosystem was easy to navigate no matter the screen size, was a real "struggle" for our web designers.

Yet, we managed to make the content interface easy to navigate and user-friendly on all devices.

Tips & Tricks


The Result

Mechanics Hub has gone from a clunky, overly cluttered and somehow too distracting WordPress site, to a:

  • visually-pleasing
  • inviting
  • neatly and logically structured

... Drupal website with a simplified and more intuitive navigation and cleaner design.

Just imagine: THE most prestigious awards in the world, in the field of human rights, and us being granted the honour to give the corresponding website a performance boost! And a traffic boost, as well, by improving the user experience provided there, making it easily accessible for visitors all over the globe. We won't lie to you: the honour was directly proportional to the overwhelming responsibility that we came along. Besides the project's…(Read more)
What we did:
  • we updated the existing website to the latest version of Drupal 7
  • we performed all the necessary updates to Drupal core, to the contributed and custom modules, part of the user interface and the existing set of features
  • we ran the latest security patches, as well
  • we enabled the GTranslate module and thus implemented the translation feature that our client requested
  • we migrated the specified content and found a way of processing the data within the given Pantheon hosting plan
  • we conducted an in-depth performance audit on the website and we identified areas of improvement
  • we did some Drupal performance optimization work, taking a series of necessary measures to speed up the website's page load and reliability/blog/boost-drupal-performance

The result: the Allard Prize for International Integrity website now runs significantly faster and provides a seamless user experience to its visitors, irrespective of their geographical location.

A health portal featuring an entire "mosaic" of content types (health-related articles, job announcements, medical news, promotion material of various companies presenting their medical devices etc.), as well as a patient-dedicated forum and a whole collection of mini-sites that users (health-care companies, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etc.) get to easily administer. In a nutshell: is now a content-packed portal, one hosting a…(Read more)
What we did:
  • Drupal custom development
  • Drupal Bootstrap theming
  • Drupal performance tuning
  • migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7
  • implemented an online scheduling appointment platform
  • improved the content management workflow
  • came up with a new design
  • fixed minor problems