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Contentful Headless CMS

Let's adjust Contentful to your content creation and distribution needs!

We're ready to set up, integrate and fine-tune your content hub so you can focus solely on creating content that engages.

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What Is Contentful? Why Would You Use It?

Contentful CMS is a content infrastructure that uses an API-approach to empower digital teams to create their content once and push it across an entire ecosystem of platforms, devices, clients...

A central content repository where your editorial team can:

  • structure content using the highly intuitive built-in editor

  • publish it on your web apps, mobile apps, (new) website, IoT devices, print, social media accounts... you name it

No layout to "force fit" your content into, no restrictions on what front-end framework to use.

We're those trusted experts you need to adapt the infrastructure of a Contentful headless CMS to your needs. To your specific expectations in creating, managing, and delivering digital content.

Technology Assessment: Is Contentful Headless CMS a Perfect Fit?

It's that stage of your future Contentful project where we:

  • determine whether Contentful (and more specifically the Contentful ecommerce agile solution) is the best fit for your own scenario

  • present you with the different Contentful pricing packages

  • assess your tech stack and determine how easily it would incorporate Contentful

  • advise you on what technology to consider to get the most of your future Contentful implementation

Content Modeling Consulting

We'll provide expert advice on how to design your Contentful content model so you can use one of Contentful's most valuable features — content re-use — to its full potential. We'll also decide upon the most suitable Contentful pricing plan for your project and your budget.

Contentful Set Up, Integration, and Implementation

The stage where we:

  • put together your content infrastructure, custom-fitting it perfectly to your needs

  • integrate your custom Contentful solution with all the different web and mobile platforms that you'll push your content to

  • provide you Contentful migration services: move your existing content from your current CMS to a Contentful CMS

  • implement your new content management infrastructure

  • run various content experiments using Optimizely Contentful

  •  adjust the content infrastructure to your Contentful ecommerce project's specific feature needs

Post-Launch Services

Once we've carefully carried out the Contentful migration process, we'll provide you with all the maintenance and support you need to keep your Contentful infrastructure secure and in tip-top shape in the long run.

Tailor-Made Contentful Approval Workflows

Different editorial teams have different content moderation processes. Share them with us so we can tailor a Contentful approval workflow that fits you perfectly.

Staff Training & Support

We're here to offer your content creators, admins and developers all the training they need to grow confident using Contentful. To explore and to get the most of all its robust features.


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