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It's so simple to use, ideally flexible, versatile and conveniently functional ... So, why would you need a professional WordPress development team for building your website, after all?

For if you want to make the most of what WordPress has to offer, partnering with experts becomes crucial. It's what makes the difference between a template WordPress site and your Wordpress website.

And this is where OPTASY comes in! Once you've already realized that it's more than just a good-looking website that ... functions that you need.

You need a website that serves your specific requirements. That drives results.

Speaking of which, here are the WordPress services that we're ready to power your growth plans with:

WordPress Consulting & Planning

Need a bit of guidance? Some technical advice and consulting regarding your future website's infrastructure? We're good listeners and expert WordPress consultants before being experienced, WordPress Developers Toronto.

So, let's break your complex project down into small steps and shed some light on any existing issues there!

Custom WordPress Development

Decided to go beyond (just) secure and high-quality code? Then it's perfectly tailored, custom code solutions that you need instead, right?

Code that meets your specific needs and injects extra bespoke functionality into your existing WordPress site maybe?

Well, then, we've got you covered! From custom plugins to custom functionality, to custom WordPress themes, any WordPress programmer in our team has the experience and the expertise (and nonetheless a “weakness” for custom web projects) to handle your custom development project! To roll out specifically those new features that you need to implement to your current WordPress site.

Custom WordPress Design

“Out-of-the-box”, “templatey” and “default” just can't define the design that you have in mind for your WordPress site? Then how about a unique, perfectly tailored solution?

Besides our experience in custom designing WordPress websites, we take pride in our designers' talent, creativity and flexibility to adjust these two skills to our clients' own requirements.

From a:

  • custom, visually-appealing WordPress theme
  • to your website's flow
  • and the user experience that it will provide

… we're here to create a design that pleases, engages and perfectly fits!

WordPress Web Development

Looking for a budget-conscious web development solution? And time's not your best ally either?

Then our team of senior WordPress developers here, at OPTASY, has got you covered! We're ready to:

  • get your templated WordPress website up and running in no time
  • custom-built your website using your own team's design

See? We're that professional services provider flexible enough to adapt to any constraints that you might be facing. To any special requests that you might have.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Do you want to extend your WordPress site's capabilities? Then a custom plugin, one that fits your functionality needs, is what you need, right?

Leave it to us: we have a “thing” for custom projects and developing custom WordPress plugins is our “specialty”.

WordPress Security

For all the reasons mentioned here (it's flexible, versatile, easy to use, packed with lots of ready-to-use templates), standing behind its popularity, WordPress is also one of the hackers' main targets.

How will we keep your future website safeguarded from their attacks?

  • hardening its database and web server
  • running regular virus and malware cleanups
  • keeping it under close observation and running periodic in-depth security audits

WordPress Content Migrations

Is just the thought of an all in one WordPress migration... marathon “haunting" you? Maybe it's a Drupal to WordPress (or is it Joomla?) migration that you have in mind? Do you see it as a cumbersome, risky and time-consuming process?

It doesn't have to be like that!

We're here to move your content from:

  • your web-based system (using an API)
  • database (be it Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.)
  • Joomla, Drupal or Magento … right into your new Wordpress site.

Seamlessly, smoothly (we handle content with utmost care) and... painlessly (no need to put your entire activity on hold as we're handling your all in one WordPress migration process).


For we do practice user empowerment!

In other words: it's an easy to maintain website/WordPress solution that we commit to delivering you. 

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