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iOS App Development Services in Toronto

Let's bring your app idea to life! From polishing the concept to turning it into

a fully functional iOS app, to upgrading it, we've got you covered.


Mobile App Conceptualization

A vague concept leads to... vague results.

So, this is the phase of your iOS app development process where we polish and tweak your “raw” app concept till it:

  • serves precisely the needs of your target market (your iOS app should be useful before it is visually-stunning)

  • taps into (precisely) those opportunities that your competitors overlooked

To be more specific, our focused conceptualization of your future iOS app will include:

  • listening to you and striving to fully understand your project brief, a step that will engage every iOS app builder in our team

  • encouraging you to articulate, clearly, all your requirements and special feature requests

  • conducting a full analysis of the iOS market and of your own target market: what are your target audience's specific needs and major pain points?

  • identifying and evaluating your top competitors

App UX & UI Design for iOS

Now that we've put together your target customer profile — behavioral patterns, needs, pain points, and preferences — it's time for our iOS app development team in Toronto to create and align the user experience with this specific profile.

And since an... invisible UI is the very foundation of great UX, this is the stage in your app's development cycle where we make sure that:

  • your iOS app's navigation and transition are intuitive and predictable (keeping consistency in UI design is critical)

  • tasks like authentication and feedback posting are conveniently easy for the user to complete

  • your iOS app complies with all the Apple UI guidelines

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Custom iOS App Development in Toronto

Here we are now:

  • with a long list of project-specific feature and functionality requirements at hand

  • with a UI solution tailored to your target customer's profile

  • with the user experience journey clearly mapped

Now it's time to “seal” everything with code.

In this respect, here's our iOS app development workflow in 3 key steps:|

  1. we build a robust back-end system for your app, one powerful enough to cope with retrieving and sharing heavy loads of data

  2. we interface your iOS app with a pre-built library

  3. we submit it to intensive testing to detect any performance bottlenecks, areas of improvement and/or discordances

Or, you can see our own approach to app development as a cycle of iterations. Each time we implement one of the features or functionalities included in our roadmap, we put together an app demo for you to give us feedback on.

It's during this phase that we handle all the third-party integrations, as well:

  • connecting the iOS app with your social media networks

  • integrating all the third-party systems that you want “injected” into your app: SCM, HRM, ERP, CRM

  • connecting it with analytics APIs

It's also the step where we integrate and custom fit in all those features and functionalities that you will have requested in the brief. And here are just some of the app features that we've successfully implemented in our previous iOS app projects:

  • Mapkit

  • analytics and advertisements

  • location-based check-in

  • instant messaging

  • booking and management features

  • Geofencing

And here are just some of the “common” challenges that each iOS app builder in our team has already faced (so he/she's already “familiar” with):

  • performance and memory constraints

  • network speed

  • cross-device compatibility

In short: we've successfully incorporated a wide variety of app features and custom-made functionalities, ranging from basic to truly robust and complex ones. And we've handled some of the “trickiest” integrations of third-party apps, facing and overcoming both anticipated and “surprise” challenges and obstacles.

Therefore, rest assured: no “new feature to be developed and implemented” or “robust backend to be built” scenario could intimidate us.

iOS App Maintenance & Upgrade

Here's a scenario to ponder over:

Your new iOS application is taking the app store by storm, then... a new version of the platform gets launched and you need to update it.

Next, one of your direct competitors turbocharges their iOS app with new functionality or an innovative feature that drives users' attention away from your own app.

Or maybe there's a security alert and you need to run some critical security patches ASAP.

What do you do then?

A. you hire a freelance iOS app developer to handle these urgent tasks one at a time (this might take a while and, also, we're talking about recurrent tasks here...)

B. you ask your own in-house team to “freeze” the projects they're currently working on and start to... conduct performance and security audits, fix bugs, perform mundane update tasks, etc.

C. you pass the burden to us, your dedicated iOS app support, maintenance & upgrade team in Toronto

In this respect, here are just some of the key interventions that we'll take as your support team:

  • closely monitor your iOS app to identify any security vulnerabilities and suspicious activity going on in there

  • update it to the latest version of iOS and, implicitly, perform all the due updates on its feature set and implemented functionalities

  • constantly evaluate your app's performance and identify areas of improvement

  • add all those new functionalities that you might want to upgrade your app with

But these are the generic tasks in our “repertoire”, so to say. If we are to talk specifics, here are the operations that we'll perform as your post-iOS app development services provider:

  • refactor deprecated code

  • upgrade certificates

  • apply small updates to images/text

  • fix all security issues

  • apply different performance optimization techniques

In other words: why should you jeopardize your app's present success by putting it in the hands of amateurs? A team/individual who's not specialized in iOS maintenance and upgrade services...

And why should you overburden your own team with tedious tasks that would only keep them from working on your innovative projects?

That instead of assigning a team of professionals to monitor your app 24/7 and keep it fast and... relevant many years to come?

But Why Us?

What makes our approach to iOS app development so... special to make you want to choose us over other companies?

  • all code is written in-house

  • we deliver custom end-to-end app products: from concept to maintenance

  • you'll have a team of specialized iOS developers assigned to your project (not just some app developers “familiar with” this platform, among other things)

  • we'll handle the whole app store deployment process: assets, descriptions, listing, etc.

  • we provide post-deployment services, as well: real-time app monitoring, ongoing support & upgrade

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