Equip your eCommerce store for massive traffic loads.

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A fully-hosted eCommerce platform designed specifically for high volume and growing brands. Its trump card? It provides enterprise-level selling capabilities without the costs and complexities that usually come “in box”.

As a long-time Shopify Plus partner, we're ready to leverage our experience to shorten the development process of your future e-store. To help you cut down inherent costs — rack space, bandwidth, transaction fees — extend its functionality and customize it to your needs exactly.

Being a highly-distributed, multi-tenant platform, with Shopify Plus you get to launch your eCommerce website in no time. Furthermore, being designed with high volumes of traffic in mind, but at the same time self-hosted and scalable, granting you unmatched customization and control... it cuts down plenty of the costs that other enterprise e-commerce solutions come packaged with.

Let us help you get your online store up and running in no time. An eStore integrated with all your business functions, equipped to handle massive traffic loads, made easily extendable through restful APIs, SDKs or the App store.


Top features:

  • Enterprise-Level Features

  • Fully Hosted

  • Unlimited Sales, Products, and Visitors

  • High Scalability

  • Multi-Tenant System

  • Full Store Control and Customization

  • Advanced Multichannel Capabilities

Enterprise-Level Features

Shopify Plus is designed specifically for high volume online stores and high growth brands. It comes turbocharged with enterprise-grade capabilities that we're ready to incorporate into your own eCommerce website, getting it perfectly equipped to withstand loads of traffic.

High Scalability

Major growth plans for your e-commerce store? Let us take off your shoulders the pressure of extending your store's functionality and of integrating all the advanced improvements needed. Shopify Plus's that powerful and scalable enough platform to support your growth plans, while we're the experienced partner to leverage its enterprise-level technology and scale it to your growth strategy.

Multi-Tenant System

No server setup, no time-consuming back-end development operations... Being a multi-tenant, Shopify Plus enables you to store your data in the cloud and to cut down on plenty of the usual back-end complexities. This way, as your Shopify Plus partner, we get to focus more on tuning your e-store, while you can focus more on your own services and growth plans rather than getting tangled up in back-end development.

Full Store Control and Customization

Shopify Plus “spoils” you/us with full site control and customization. Whether it's the checkout process or any other process or section on your eStore that you'd like to personalize, Shopify Plus allows us to edit any scripts and CSS files to meet your customization needs.

Advanced Multichannel Capabilities

Sell your products/services on any social media network or online marketplace and keep track of everything in one place. Shopify Plus supports multichannel integration, so you can easily monitor all orders, products, and customers on all your sales channels right from your central Shopify Plus “headquarters”.

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