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Close your eyes try to visualize your brand!

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How does it look like? Is it an image/picture or is it a sequence of images telling your story?
If you find it difficult to put it into words that make sense or to draw an intelligible sketch, no worries: we’re here to come up with THAT visual representation of your brand for you!
Our team of graphic designers and web designers is ready to help you tell your brand’s story to your customers, one that leaves a long-lasting impression on them.

We provide Vancouver Magento web design services and here’s what we can do for you as graphic designers and creative web designers:

  • Logo Design: whether we’ll be crafting your identity or just updating/trimming your existing logo (which is already part your brand’s story), it will be a major responsibility for us. We’re well aware of that and ready to respond to the challenge!
  • Custom Web Design: for yes, we strongly believe that unlike “template design”, the customized one is the right one to integrate all your brand’s specific features and to tell your brand’s unique story in a visual way.
  • Print Design
  • Signage Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Brochures and Business Cards Design
  • Infographics

And here is how the „making of” our future partnership looks like, starting with our first discussions, to the very post-launch testing phase:

  1. We’re good listeners! Meaning that we won’t start anything until we’ve listened to how you envision your own brand (there’s no such thing as a “too bold” or „too silly” vision, so feel free to share it with us!).
  2. We’ll get to know your target audience (their needs and expectations), your competition and your industry to their slightest details. We will be designing for your users and you do want to make a statement in your business, right?
  3. Empowered with all the gathered data, we’re ready to craft the first mock-ups to be submitted to your approval (or disapproval).
  4. Next, “we’ll get our hands dirty”:
  • put together the information structure
  • put together the wireframe
  • create functional prototypes
  • create interactive design elements

All this while we’ll permanently keep you informed about the progress and ask for your opinion at each phase!

Needless to add that each step forward will be taken with the ultimate goal of responsiveness in mind!

Wondering what’s our own approach towards UI and UX design as a Drupal 8 agency?

  • UX design: a highly engaging visual luring the user to keep exploring. It all comes down to this: your website/app gets a visually-pleasing, easy to use, logically structured and emotion-conveying design.
  • UI design: turning user interface into usable interface. “Intuition” is one of our favorite words: we do think that if users get lost (and eventually frustrated) if they don’t even start or abandon at some point their journey on your website, it’s because UI design failed at being intuitive and invisible.

Let us help you find your answer to our suggested first question: How do you visualize your brand?”.


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