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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Without a strategy in place, how could you even claim that you have a clear scope? It's always a solid digital strategy that drives performance. It's a well-defined roadmap that helps you/us build with purpose. 

And the whole purpose of a solid digital strategy is NOT choosing the right technology for your project, but delivering the best user experience across channels! That's what it all comes down to.

That's how you build trust, how you deliver on your brand's promise and... turn your users into recurrent users.

So, how do you plan out a great web/mobile user experience? 

By basing your whole digital strategy on this 3 key pillars:

  • technology
  • digital marketing
  • UX

And this is precisely what our digital strategy service provides you with: a dedicated cross-functional team leveraging the best of:

  • digital marketing
  • web/mobile technologies
  • web & mobile design
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How does it look like? Is it an image/picture or is it a sequence of images telling your story?
If you find it difficult to put it into words that make sense or to draw an intelligible sketch, no worries: we’re here to come up with THAT visual representation of your brand for you!

Our team of graphic designers and web designers is ready to help you tell your brand’s story to your customers, one that leaves a long-lasting impression on them.

Here’s what we can do for you as graphic designers and creative web designers:

  • Logo Design: whether we’ll be crafting your identity or just updating/trimming your existing logo (which is already part of your brand’s story), it will be a major responsibility for us. We’re well aware of that and ready to respond to the challenge!
  • Custom Web Design: for yes, we strongly believe that unlike “template design”, the customized one is the right one to integrate all your brand’s specific features and to tell your brand’s unique story in a visual way.
  • Print Design
  • Signage Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Brochures and Business Cards Design
  • Infographics
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Web Development

Web Development


Since you're here, on our web development page, then you must be planning a (new) website for your organization.

Is it an e-commerce one, that you want to turn into a selling machine? Or maybe a company website, that should be the perfect reflection of your brand's values?

Or maybe it's a web app that you have in mind? One of those web-powered apps featuring a highly interactive user interface?

And, most of all: are you the “strict type”? The one insisting that the delivered website should suit your specific needs, requirements, and goals to the slightest detail?

Do share your idea(s) with us, no matter how bold! For we do have a thing for dares and the NEW, for turning challenges into... web reality!

And here's the “arsenal” of web technologies at our disposal, that we're ready to dig through and “fuel” your web project with:

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Mobile & App

Mobile & App

Welcome to our apps innovation lab! It's here that our mobile app development team (or “app inventors", as they like to call themselves), run their little "experiments” turning clients' bold ideas into leading-edge apps.

Would you join us for a tour?

Mobile apps UX & UI: our first stop, during this virtual tour of the lab, is in the “usability sector”. It's here that our mobile app developers from our 3 offices, one in Canada (Oakville), one in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and one in the USA (New York)

  • delve deep into user research
  • create user stories
  • user scenarios
  • user flows
  • and finally, design the user experience for our clients' mobile app development projects.

And it's here that all the prototyping, mobile app usability testing, wire-framing and mock-up development “magic” happens. 

Mobile app development: next, we step by that corner in our hub of innovation where ideas shape into... applications. Native apps, web apps, cross-platform mobile apps, progressive web apps, enterprise apps, customer-facing apps, you name it.

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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

A website is an ever-evolving entity, wouldn't you agree? Owing/administering it is an increasingly challenging “mission”! And this is where a reliable, dedicated support partner, taking this “burden off your shoulders” via a perfectly suited Drupal support and maintenance plan, makes all the difference!

We'd be honored to become your future Drupal support and maintenance partner! Here's how we would "care for" your website once we'd step into the shoes of your personal maintenance team:

  1. first of all, we would perform an in-depth analysis. We will conduct an audit on your website analyzing its documentation, its current Drupal environment, its security system, its overall performance, its code base, its modules. It's only then that we can tailor a customized support/maintenance plan for you.
  2. we'd then share with you our recommendations, based on your website's specific needs, on your own particular requests and, on your budget, of course. No matter the size of your company/organization, whether it's a small e-commerce website selling handmade jewels or an enterprise-level one, our team is able to "scale" their own support services to.
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