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Merely piling up data is as efficient as stocking up on books without actually reading them. And without turning the information stored in there into... valuable and relevant information for you.

But how can you turn data into actionable insights on your website's current performance? What does it tell you about the user experience that you provide there? What hints does it give you on how to enhance the UX?

And how can you use that data to “fuel” a strategy for boosting your website's ranking?

We're ready to use all of Google's sets of powerful, specialized tools to help you capitalize your raw data and thus answer all your legitimate questions.


Google Marketing Platform

Tools, lots of marketing tools, locked to their platforms like on... isolated islands. So that using them all to power your marketing strategy gets as challenging as directing an orchestra with every musician playing in a different concert hall.

If only you could manage them all from one central place... If only you could synchronize your marketing results across them all and if only they could interact with one another. Like in a cohesive, "living" network...

Well, it's in this “if only” scenario that the Google Marketing Platform steps in to save the day. And what it does is precisely this: provide you with a set of interconnected marketing tools to support your cross-channel marketing efforts.

From sharing and synchronizing your collected data across the whole Google ecosystem, to running instant tests, to cutting down repetitive tasks, to simultaneously using your cloud and your marketing tools... the platform's that “all in one place” measurement system that you need to streamline your marketing workflow.

And speaking of its perfectly coordinated marketing channels, let's name them:

  • Google Data Studio

  • Google Display & Video 360

  • Google Analytics 360

  • Google Surveys 360

  • Google Optimize 360

  • Google Tag Manager 360

As you can see, the platform's built around Google Analytics 360's own set of advanced functionalities.

Its biggest advantages? It's that “Swiss knife” type of marketing platform providing you with all the tools that you need for powering your marketing strategy with. Moreover (and this is a heavy-weight benefit, indeed): all these tools communicate with one another.

You automatically scale your measurement results and your initiatives across the whole ecosystem of marketing and analytics channels. And that's efficiency at its best!


Google Analytics Consulting

Extracting valuable insights from your data takes (much) more than just collecting and then including numbers in a report.

You need to know:

  • WHAT data to focus on: high impact data, relevant for your particular goals

  • WHERE to find it

  • HOW to leverage the measurement tools that Google puts at your disposal to scan through your data and to “extract” value in due time

We're the Google Analytics consultants to help you with the What, Where, and How questions, all centered around turning your data into powerful insights.

How we plan on doing that? By applying our 3-step methodology:

  • audit your existing configurations

  • implement a new Google Analytics strategy

  • further monitor your implementation

We Audit Your Existing Configurations

… and assess the accuracy of their reporting.

For you most certainly have Google Analytics already integrated into your website/application, but are you using it to its full potential?

Does it collect relevant data for you?

It's at this phase that we start prototyping on a new Google Analytics implementation, to better serve your reporting needs.

We Implement a New Google Analytics Strategy

Based on the “holes” that we will have identified in your current implementation and starting from that first sketch of your new strategy, we're now ready to... restructure:

  • we set the proper parameters for your specific goals

  • we define the right metrics for your own campaigns

  • we put together snippets of code for your website

Next, we'll come up with the most suitable combo of Google Analytics tools for your business, ranging from Data Studio to Tableau, from BigQuery to Google Sheets to...

Once turned on, once it starts delivering its accurate reports, we'll still be there, ready to help you interpret them. To show you how to take it from there and turn that data into... action.

We Further Monitor Your Implementation

Ongoing Google Analytics consultancy is what we do here, at OPTASY. That means that we're not the “hit and run type”. We'll keep monitoring your new implementation long after it has provided you with the first reports.

And since we do call ourselves a Google Partner for a good reason: we'll be keeping it up to date with all the new upcoming changes. With each new optimization, we'll make sure that everyone in your team is well informed about that key benefits of each new update for your particular business.

Google Display & Video 360

Be omnipresent! Or at least make sure your marketing campaigns are present on all the relevant types of connected TVs, videos, displays, and audio...

We're here to help you share your insights and the relevant data that you will have collected across your entire ecosystem of digital channels. This way, you can cut down on the time that your team(s) needs to turn that data into concrete actions.

But What Is Google Display & Video 360, More Exactly?

It's a “one-stop” platform that shares your display and video ads across the internet and a whole network of connected TVs.

That central location where you can:

  • manage all your campaigns

  • design your creative

  • turn your audience data into user insights and applicable solutions

It's Studio, Audience Center, DoubleClick Bid Manager and Campaign Manager all in one place...

And How Does Display & Video 360 Benefit You Precisely?

It streamlines collaboration across all your teams

You get to share your key data and insights across all your specialized teams (the creatives, the business analysts, etc.)

It enables you to reach your core audience

With all your audience insights stored and easy to manage from one single HQ, reaching out to your target people gets fairly easier.

It increases transparency and gives you more control over your data

You know, at all time, where each one of your ads is running. Furthermore, you have full control over your own data: let us help you set up your granular permission system.

You decide who gains access to which type of data and what they're allowed to do with it, as well.

It provides you with faster insights

With integrated data-sharing, built-in intelligence across the product in question and product integrations communicating with one another, you get not only faster, but actionable insights, too.

It brings all your campaign metrics in one place

You no longer need to work with disjointed metrics, delivered by multiple tools, each one “isolated” on its own platform. With Google Display & Video 360 you have one central place for managing all your metrics.

It supports your omnichannel marketing efforts

Just imagine the time and effort you'd save leveraging an omnichannel approach to your marketing campaigns.

Your marketing teams won't be tracking success and ROI on each and every separate channel and network report. Instead, they get to tap into global reporting features and attribution analysis...


Google Tag Manager

Let's face it: not having a tagging strategy and still hoping that your tags will get you there, in Google's top results, is like throwing a ball at the wall and hoping it will stick... somehow.

Whereas having a strategy that relies on manual tagging is the surest recipe for an unwanted combo of broken links, keyword-stuffed pages, and extraneous code.

The solution? Opt for Google Tag Manager to power your strategy.

And team up with an agency who knows its features inside out, like OPTASY here, to help you get the most of its capabilities...

In this respect, we advocate for using both Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager 360.

Google Tag Manager in 2 Key Features:

it integrates easily and seamlessly into the Google Marketing Platform

it acts as a central management hub for all marketing and analytics tracking

Google Tag Manager in 360 in 4 Key Features:

it works with both Google and non-Google tags

it enables you to update tags (site analytics, remarketing or conversion tracking) yourself

it's the Google Tag Manager version now “turbocharged” with enterprise-level capabilities; one aimed at further simplifying the complex tag management process

it empowers you to easily manage your tags from one single UI

Google Tag Manager and OPTASY

Why would you choose us from all the long-time Google Tag Manager partners out there?

Here are the strongest reasons translated into benefits for you:

  • we're ready to help you define and clearly articulate your achievable goals

  • next, we're ready to provide you with full guidance in building your strategy, starting from those specific goals

  • we'll... stick around to train your team and empower them to make all the minor changes and regular updates themselves

  • we've been exploring and “exploiting” Google Tag Manager for years and this will reflect in the way that we'll set up tagging and tracking on your website: it'll leverage all the best practices and tap into those specific Tag Manager capabilities that are relevant for your specific goals

Google Optimize

Personalization is the best approach to engaging users on your website/app. But delivering relevant, perfectly tailored... meaningful customer experiences doesn't just happen. It takes lots of strategic testing and plenty of trial and error.

To streamline the entire process, we strongly recommend you tapped into Google's personalization and testing tool: Google Optimize.

Conversion Optimization Testing: Top Features

  • it provides you with a whole set of predefined experiments to test your new designs, your personalized content and your newly improved layouts with

  • it integrates perfectly into the Google Marketing Platform; you get to tap into all the other marketing tools' data for personalizing the user experience

  • it supports advanced personalization needs with its Google Optimization 360 enterprise version

  • it allows you to quickly assess the impact on the user

Create and Configure Your Experiments to Perfectly Suit Your Needs

Google Optimize enables you to set up your A/B tests and configure them to suit your customer segment to the slightest detail. Not sure where to start? We're here to point out to you your relevant user data and insights and to help you create effective experiments, for various elements on your website, for multiple targeted audiences.

Power Your Testing with Data Available Across the Google Marketing Platform

Google Optimize integrates seamlessly with the platform. You get to easily extract various types of data (analytics, audience data, etc.) delivered by other Google tools, as well, to fuel your experiments with.

Google Optimize 360 for Advanced Testing Needs

Tap into Google Optimize 360's advanced capabilities if your testing and personalization needs are a bit more complex. This enterprise version enables you to share your audiences across the platform and to tap into powerful data on users' past behaviors on your website. Data, that you can then “fuel” your experiments with, that you can use for creating highly personalized user experiences.

“But what about first-time visitors?” We're here to help you anticipate their preferences and points of interest and tailor their “welcoming” experiences accordingly.

Analyze the User Impact After Each Experiment

You're free not just to configure your A/B tests to your liking, but to adjust them on the go as well. Google Optimize enables you to quickly assess the user impact of your experiments and, depending on those results, to constantly adjust your newly created user experiences.

Google Cloud

They could create and integrate new innovative features into your mobile app. They could work on your company website's caching mechanism to boost the page load speed. Or they could just start learning a new technology. In other words, developers in your team could be investing their time and skills on way more rewarding tasks than... managing your servers. You can always rely on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure for that.

Why Google Cloud?

  • because it's secure

  • because' it's scalable

  • because it's an “all in one” platform; it ships with developer tools, machine learning integration, data storage, data analytics, management tools

And here's how we can help you make the most of it:

Scale It to Your Needs, No Matter How Complex

And we're talking about “instant scaling” here. No matter how robust your solution might be or how large, Google's infrastructure is built to scale. Instantly!

So, allow your developers to delve deep into your innovative projects and let Google Cloud Platform handle the rest. With its fully-managed serverless functions, databases, networking and the rest of its tools and integrated services, it is designed to accommodate all oscillating workloads, traffic, and content in your environment.

Tap into Its AI Capabilities

We're here to help you use the services that this platform ships with to their full potential. From vision, text or speech-oriented AI services to integrated machine learning tools like Cloud ML, BigQuery or Cloud Datalab, we'll help you integrate AI and machine learning into your website or app. Get the most of data science, especially when it's so conveniently accessible.

Leverage Firebase to Build an App that... Engages Your Users

An all-in-one marketing tool for your mobile app. Let us help you explore and exploit all its integrated tools and services designed to streamline both your app development process and your marketing strategy. Services like serverless functions, performance monitoring, authentication, database, analytics, A/B testing and, of course, integrations with Google Marketing Platform.

Build Your Data Analytics Pipelines

OK, so you've leveraged Google Marketing Platform to pile up valuable data. What next?

How can you extract even more value from that data? Well, you can use Google Cloud to design data pipelines and thus better visualize and analyze it. Go can go even further and integrate third-parties like CRM systems or advertising platform data and refine. Moreover, the platform provides you with the right tools to use for setting up and managing entire workflows around your data. Tools like Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Composer. Tap into these tools whenever you need to build your own data warehouse on the cloud or to move your data from Google's platforms.


Google Ads

What role should your ads play? Should they get customers to visit your e-commerce store? To entice them to purchase your products or to sign up for your online courses? Or maybe to visit your physical store? No matter what's the role that you'd want to invest them with, your budget and your message, Google Ads grants you total freedom and flexibility. Use it to tailor your ads to your needs and specific constraints.

Use it to boost your whole strategy with...

And we're here to help you take full advantage of all its robust features when creating your campaigns. To help you scale them to your goals, whether it's $3 photography prints or $300 online courses that you're selling on your e-commerce website.

Main features:

  • Shopping Campaigns

  • Video Campaigns

  • Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

  • Remarketing Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns

Place your shopping ads strategically in the search results to engage with your potential buyers. And we don't mean just plain, all too conventional and not so attractive text ads, but image-featuring ones. Shopping ads that do reveal enough details to spark interest.

Video Campaigns

Video content is still king, so let us help you reach out to your new potential customers via some carefully crafted video ads. Select the most suitable format for your needs and liven them up with the message you want to convey.

Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

Vague goals lead to vague results and the lack of constant monitoring and frequent auditing of your Google Ads account leads to poor performance. In this respect, we're ready to overview your account, to identify the areas that could get improved and to lend you a hand with setting up your new goals.

Remarketing Campaigns

Perseverance is key. So, get the most of your ads, even if that means targeting those shoppers who abandoned their carts on the last minute or recently viewed one of your products/service pages. In this respect, Google Ads provides you with relevant statistical data so you know precisely who's looking and when someone almost bought an item from your online store. And so you can revamp some of those “older” ads that still hold great potential.

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