Ease of use & unlimited power of customization.

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Simple, accessible, easy to use, versatile and highly customizable. These are but some of the best words to describe WordPress. “Words” that also stand as key reasons to use this platform for powering your future website/blog with.

And the reasons why we're so honored to be partnering with WordPress.

Not only that it enables us to get your site up and running in no time, thus helping you to save time and money, but also to customize it to your needs precisely.

And where do you add that managing it — creating, publishing updating your own content — is no more complex than... using Microsoft Word. It “spoils” you/your team with an intuitive interface and us with a simple set up process, versatility and unlimited power of customization.

You get to focus on your sales and marketing efforts, while we handle your technical infrastructure and various implementations.


Top Features:

  • Ease of Use

  • Unmatched Extensibility

  • Theme Customization

  • SEO Optimized

  • Support for Different Media Types

  • Versatility

Ease of Use

It's one of its main selling points. With its “democratizing publishing” philosophy, WordPress brings power to... anyone who wants to build a website but has little to no technical expertise. A minimal setup process, an intuitive interface, essential functionality right out of the box: putting together a website, creating and sharing your content gets significantly simplified.

While you can handle the whole content workflow yourself, we get to focus on doing all the custom work that you'll need.

Unmatched Extensibility

You get all the essentials that you need for running a perfectly functional website, right out of the box. But there's no need to stick to those default functionalities.

Especially since WordPress “spoils” you with a huge collection of plugins to extend your site's functionality with. No matter the process or feature on your website that you'd like to customize, as a WordPress partner we're here to handle all the needed implementations. From tuning your event booking process to... streamlining your SEO strategy.

Theme Customization

With an ecosystem of thousands of ready-to-use themes to scan through, we get to custom tune your WordPress website's design to fit your niche and preferences exactly.

SEO Optimized

WordPress has SEO-optimization in its DNA. Being written by following all the best practices, it automatically generates semantic markup that “pleases” the web search engines.

Furthermore, we can extend the default SEO-oriented features on your WordPress website with the help of plugins. And luckily there's a wide range of SEO plugins that we could use to further optimize your website.

Support for Different Media Types

Since “freedom” is just another word for WordPress, it's no surprise that the platform doesn't restrict you to writing text only. Instead, it ships with a built-in media uploader and it supports eEmbed enabled websites.

In short: you're free to embed YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio, Instagram images, Tweets, etc. into your WordPress site.


And speaking of unlimited freedom, WordPress enables you to put together any type of website. Furthermore, it enables you to extend it with new sections and functions. To make it evolve along with your growing needs.

All you need to do is... plug them in. Is it a social network or maybe a forum that you'd like to incorporate into your Wordpress website? Just pick the right WordPress plugin!

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