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Augmented Reality App Development

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Welcome to OPTASY'S augmented reality app development hub! Here is where your raw ideas turn into... AR vizualizations.

Into digitally enhanced versions of the real world, into experiences for your customers to immerse themselves in.

For it's more than JUST augmented reality apps that we create in the OPTASY Lab: we build augmented reality... EXPERIENCES!

Digitally-enhanced customer experiences enriched with interactive AR features.

In other words: do dare us to transpose your idea into AR reality! Our team of AR mobile app developers working in the OPTASY Lab — in our Oakville and New York located “labs” —  are ready to:

  • take note, evaluate and process all your specific requirements
  • create your augmented reality app's design: crafting the 3D visual content, which should surprise (in the first place), engage (and thus trigger interaction) and immerse the user
  • build its code: none of the above-mentioned “roles” that your future AR app's design should play (to surprise, to engage and to immerse) could be... played without the properly written infrastructure of code behind it; and it's by leveraging iOS 11's ARKit's power that we'll be building your app
  • test it, test it, then... test it some more: bugs and discrepancies are being identified and addressed way before your app leaves our development environment
  • deliver it to you/publish it: the very last step of the whole augmented reality app development process

So, how precisely would you like to innovate the way you deliver content to your customers?

Whether it's an:

  • augmented reality in 3D viewer
  • augmented reality interactive game
  • augmented reality GPS
  • augmented reality educational/training app
  • augmented reality-enhanced travel guide app
  • augmented reality retail app tailored to your specific user engagement and marketing needs

… that you need, OPTASY Lab here is that hub of innovation where you can find creative AR mobile app developers —  with proven expertise in using emerging disruptive technologies — to build it for you.

Just dare us with your idea of an AR app, no matter how bold! For we sure love it when we're being challenged to... innovate.


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