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Do you have a project or maybe an innovative idea, a bold vision or just a sparkle of an idea that you'd like to turn into digital reality?

Tells us what's on your mind! Drop us a line and let's have a chat!

We'd love to hear all about your goals, to draft your project starting from there, to give you our recommendations regarding the features and functionality that would best fit your project and eventually an estimate of budget and time too (we like to be open and frank with our clients from our very first chat over coffee).

Are you maybe one of our existing partners and you have some inquiries about one of the projects that the OPTASY team has delivered to you? Let's hear them! 

Not quite sure whether OPTASY's the best team to handle your project? Why should you be, especially if you're new on our website?

Don't take our “bragging” for granted. Instead, go through our short questionnaire below and discover whether we're truly fit for your web project:

1. Are you looking for a team capable to deliver you an end-to-end solution, to carry out a complete web project (development and design)?

Then we sure qualify as candidates for handling your full-fledged Drupal / WordPress / Magento website/app! We do love tackling just certain programming, web development or design issues, but can't deny it: challenging, full life-cycle web projects are the ones that drive us and unleash our true potential!

2. Are you looking for an ongoing collaboration or for a “one-off” solution?

We have partners, not “clients”! We're not fans of the “Develop. Release. Good Luck With That” type of approach. So, if you, too, are looking to future-proof your project, we're a team ready to engage in a long-term collaboration!

3. Do you need an off-the-shelf digital solution or a custom-made one?

We're all into custom-development! We hate the one-size-fits-all approach!


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