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Laravel Development Services in Vancouver

We don't just use Laravel! We tweak and customize its functionalities

till the resulting web-based application fits your unique needs exactly.


Why Laravel?

Because it's the perfect choice when it's a large, complex enterprise application that you have in mind. One requiring tons of customization work.

“But why this particular PHP framework?”

In a few words: because Laravel speeds up the software development process and it's conveniently flexible.

How do these 2 strengths translate into clear benefits for you? You'll get your large-scale web app built faster than with any other framework. Furthermore, it will be custom-tuned to fit your needs.

And should we add that Laravel's ideally extensible, too? The modular approach enables any Laravel developer within our team to extend your app's functionality to accommodate your future needs, as well.

Laravel E-Commerce Web Solutions

Is it an enterprise e-commerce app/website that scales easily, is flexible and highly customizable that you need? Then Laravel makes the perfect framework to power your plan.

And OPTASY the right Laravel development team in Vancouver to custom-build it so that it should meet your marketing requirements entirely.

Authorization systems, shopping carts, various payment gateway integrations, configuring your e-store so that it should handle sudden influxes of users... we're here to make Laravel flex to your e-commerce needs.

So, if you hate the constraints of an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution and you want to leverage the flexibility of a fully customizable, lightweight framework, let's team up!

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Laravel Web Development in Vancouver

"Custom" Laravel development solutions. Therefore, do express your most app-specific needs and out-of-the-ordinary requirements.

Flexibility (and high customization) is this framework's middle name, after all, while we're a Laravel services provider with a "guilty weakness" for custom development challenges.

And here's our Laravel development services "menu":

Custom Enterprise Web Apps

We design and develop:

  • complex
  • large
  • scalable
  • customizable
  • feature-rich

… enterprise web apps — featuring an expressive syntax and simplified code — perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

Laravel website development

If it's a website equipped with robust features, one that scales superbly to your growing needs, secured and featuring availability for future integrations that you need... we're here to turn it into digital reality!

Feel free to leverage our expertise as an experienced Laravel development team.

Laravel migration services

Just relax and let us handle every aspect of migrating your data to Laravel.

Laravel extension development

Fancying some more robust features to incorporate into your website/web application? A new functionality, maybe? We're here to build it and turn it into an easy-to-add extension for you!

Restful API development

Is it vital for you to integrate your web app with specific third-party systems? We're ready to build the Laravel-based RESTful API/web services that will intermediate these crucial integrations.

Custom CMS and Back-end development

Dreaming of a CMS that features all the needed functionality right out of the box? Clean back-end styles, a whole ecosystem of user accounts, various content management tools? We're here to custom-build it for you!

Laravel Support and Maintenance

High performance or continuously high performance? A one-time Laravel development process or a long-term relationship with a Laravel service provider?

With a team that's always there to:

  • integrate that new functionality that you might need in the future to come; to handle that new enhancement that you might desperately want to apply
  • keep monitoring your web app's/website's performance
  • keep it safely updated, as well

Please note that we also provide Vancouver Magento web design services.

But let's talk facts! Here are the post-delivery services that we'll provide you:


You do agree that your new Laravel website or enterprise app will be an ever-growing entity, don't you? In this respect, we'll be there to monitor its growth, making sure that both the urgent and non-urgent updates are run.

Further enhancements to your app's functionality

You might think that you'll no longer need a Laravel developer once your website/app once is launched. But what if you'll want to enhance its current functionality? To add new features?

Our Laravel services cater to both your current and your future requirements.

Regular backups

Safely storing your data in the Laravel native cloud file system is one of our crucial “missions” as your post-delivery service provider. So, stay assured: your files and databases will be secured.

Security & performance monitoring

Your Laravel web app might be highly performant right now, but what about later? We can guarantee you its ongoing top performance and security through constant monitoring...

So, what should it be: a project-based collaboration with a team of Laravel experts or a collaboration throughout the development process backed up by ongoing support? One that ensures your Laravel website's/web app's further development?

But Why Us?

The best way to answer this is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a team of Laravel enthusiasts or one of PHP and MySQL experts that you need?
  • Is it an “all-purpose” type of web solution or one tailored specifically to your requests that you expect your Laravel service provider to deliver you?
  • How important is it for you that your web app should be easy to maintain, easy to manage for future updates, as well?
  • How much do you value post-delivery services?
  • How much do you value transparency — regarding costs, timescale, etc. — in your partnering development team?

If you're as exigent when it comes to the Laravel services that you receive as we are about our work, you've got your answer…

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