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But Why Magento Development?

Well, it depends greatly on your own particular expectations as an eCommerce platform “seeker”, after all!

If you're looking for:

  • a robust framework that will allow you to build a website with ease;
  • an open-source solution that is supported by the community of developers around the world;
  • unmatched flexibility and responsive design
  • total control over how your e-commerce website looks and works, over the user experience that it's delivering, over the in-store operations, the content/catalog, etc.
  • unprecedented scalability, so that your online store should grow, almost organically, and adapt to all the future peaks of traffic and the increasingly heavy weight of content
  • a feature set platform (and even more: a whole bundle of out-of-the-box features already put at your disposal) with multiple language functionality, multiple currency support, SEO-oriented features shipping, you name it
  • incredible versatility when it comes to revamping your website's design and integrating key third-party web services for boosting its functionality and enriching the user experience

… then you've just given yourself the answer to the question:” But Why Magento Commerce?

FLEXIBILITY is the name of the game in the e-commerce “arena” these days and “unmatched flexibility” is the feature that sets Magento apart from all the other e-commerce platform options out there.

The fact that this flexible nature has been built into the very core of the system makes it possible for any developer or business owner to create their own unique version of the software without having to go through the hassle of reengineering everything from scratch.

This means that if you have some ideas about what kind of site you want to develop, but don't know exactly which technology would be best suited to achieve them, you can still use Magento to get started right away.

About Magento 2

We're overly excited about the latest version of this platform and looking forward to implementing all its improvements into your own Magento ecommerce store.

Now, if we are to list just some of these “juicy” upgrades that set apart Magento 2 from Magento 1: database structure for products & categories, better performance, PHP7 support, images compression, new product creation tool, improved user interface, bundled JS, admin panel, etc.

And let us not forget about the fact that Magento 2 has been built using the AngularJS framework which makes it much easier to develop websites based on this technology stack. In addition, Magento 2 also supports ReactJS, VueJS, EmberJS, Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6, Semantic UI 3, Materialize CSS, Google Fonts, etc.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, firstly, you can rest assured knowing that your site will be running smoothly regardless of whether or not you have any prior knowledge of programming languages like HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, C, Perl, PHP, or ASP.NET. 

Secondly, you'll get access to a wide range of prebuilt templates and themes that make creating your very own custom theme easy and fun. And finally, you'll enjoy the benefits of having one of the most powerful platforms available today.

In short, Magento 2 offers everything you need to create a successful e-commerce business without needing to worry about learning anything else besides basic HTML coding skills.

Our Magento Development Services

The services that we provide here, at OPTASY, as a Magento agency in Vancouver and a team of e-commerce strategy experts, revolve around the same goal: custom-tuning an already surprisingly expendable e-commerce platform for helping you to succeed online and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Is it straightforward enough?

Now, let us present to you our full suite of Magento ecommerce services and detail a bit how precisely we're planning to achieve this seemingly simple, yet challenging goal:

  • Magento e-commerce consulting & strategy: put our reputation as “good listeners” to the test and let us know all about your business needs and the objectives you've set for your online store; starting from there, we can put together your e-commerce strategy
  • Magento ecommerce website development: our Magento developers will be at your service for building your enterprise-level online store, handling all the needed Magento integrations and incorporating all the suitable apps and systems; in a nutshell: we're the team of experts who'll flesh out your web project into a working Magento website and then get it packed with all the needed functionality
  • Magento theme design: each Magento theme developer here is "too" experienced in crafting custom Magento themes not to ignore the poor quality, off-the-shelf ones and avoid getting your website's theme “stuffed” with all kinds of irrelevant features
  • Magento extension: craving for more functionality? Any Magento developer in our team has the vast experience required to implement the extensions you need for boosting your Magento store's functionality (or customize an existing one)
  • PSD to Magento: we're highly adaptable, so if you already have a PSD that you want to get materialized into a working Magento website, feel free to “challenge” us: starting from that PSD we're ready to develop your future store's theme, to configure and integrate all your needed Magento extensions and to deliver you that Magento store that you have in mind right now. Just try us!
  • Magento support & maintenance: since a Magento online store's success doesn't lie exclusively in its looks and functionality, and since we're more into ongoing collaborations with our clients rather than one-time projects, we're a Magento development company ready to tailor a suitable support and maintenance package for you; this could include, depending on your unique business needs: core audits, upgrades, training, server configurations and so on
  • Magento customization: why should you settle for a “one-size-fits-all” Magento theme or Magento extension, if it's not a perfect fit for your own purposes? Instead, challenge us to customize it for you so that it should better suit and serve your company's e-commerce needs
  • Magento performance audit: speed, translated into fast-loading web pages, is what sets apart successful online stores from, well, poorly frequented online stores these days; and speed is what you can easily achieve with the help of a through and through performance audit. Feel free to pass that “burden” onto our shoulders and we'll be auditing your site's cache configuration, its database, those pages of crucial importance for your website, its front-end performance, and so on, identify the “weaknesses” that slow it down and deliver you with the right speed-boosting solutions. As your dedicated ecommerce website agency, we'll commit to identifying all performance bottlenecks on your Magento website and point out the right solutions to each one of them.

Why Us?

With so many Magento design and development companies out there, with so many teams of well-certified professionals, why should you choose OPTASY as your Magento partner?

Here are a few reasons why and, at the same time, a few key particularities that define us and help us stand out from the crowd:

  • we're particularly drawn to end-to-end Magento implementations, so don't hesitate to challenge us with your large-scale project, packed with a whole load of daring requests, specifications, and multiple phases to handle (from strategy, consultancy, and current site performance audit, Magento website development, and Magento theme design, to maintenance and support, etc.).
  • we're all into custom Magento configuration; no Magento developer in our team would ever settle for “standard” Magento e-commerce solutions; instead, we love to customize and adapt them or to develop totally new ones that should perfectly suit your company's particular business needs and logistics.
  • we're not the “develop and run” type of Magento ecommerce web development team, for we love to “stick around”, ready to “intervene” and offer you our full post-launch support. Also, when needed, we'd gladly take over any part of your existing Magento implementation, whether it concerns upgrading an old version, migrating data between different versions, fixing bugs, adding features, improving security, optimizing page loading times, etc., because we know how important it is to have a reliable Magento partner by your side during such critical moments.

Wrapping up: we're far too passionate about our work as Magento developers in Montreal to come up with improvised solutions, unworthy of our experience and expertise, and we respect our partners well enough not to offer them “universal” Magento ecommerce solutions instead of the well-thought-out, custom-fit ones.

Contact Optasy for Magento services in Montreal.

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