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Magento Development Services in New York

Magento might come "equipped" with tons of impressive features and functionalities.

And yet, it takes Magento expertise to adjust them perfectly to your specific business needs.


Why Magento?

It's extremely flexible and surprisingly scalable.

And if that's not enough, here are some more strong reasons why you should go with this e-commerce platform to power your eStore with:

  • it's fully customizable: you get to custom-tune every aspect of your eStore; from adding pre-built plugins and/or custom-made ones to extend its core functionality, to incorporating add-ons that enhance the user experience...
  • it's open source
  • it "spoils" your content management team with an intuitive, user-friendly admin dashboard
  • it supports custom integration


In short: your e-commerce website will scale up to your needs, while your dedicated team of Magento developers gets to tweak and fine-tune every element of your eStore.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Unparalleled modularity, even more flexibility, a completely revamped architecture...

No wonder that you're thinking about upgrading your eStore to Magento 2!

And yet, we're pretty sure that you're still a bit hesitant about allowing a team, any Magento development team in New York, to handle your precious:

  • data: orders, customer data, catalogs, products, invoices etc.
  • various customization elements: tailor-made extensions and add-ons that you've painstakingly added to your current eStore
  • UI settings
  • e-commerce website theme

Time to let go of your fears.The rule of the house here, at OPTASY, is: "Handle all client data as if it was our own data!"

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Custom Magento Web Development in New York

Is it a new “selling machine” — aka a Magento eStore — that you need built from scratch? Or maybe you want your current e-commerce website customized and upgraded?

Here, at OPTASY, we provide a conveniently rich set of Magento development services and Magento web design services in Vancouver that address your every need.

Disclaimer: as Magento developers, we have a particular “guilty” weakness for full-cycle projects and for customization challenges.

And speaking of our custom web development services, let us name some of them:

  • custom website development
  • theme development
  • 3rd party integrations: from social media networks to specific payment gateways, to shipping API integration
  • Magento multi-vendor implementation
  • eStore migration from other platforms
  • Magento mobile app development

Whereas, if you're already running your e-commerce business on this platform and you need to custom-tune your current website, our palette of services gets even more... diversified:

  • custom extension development
  • implementing off-the-shelf plugins to your eStore
  • customizing your current Magento theme

Custom Magento Extension Development

What are your feature needs? What special functionality would you like to “turbocharge” your e-commerce website with?

Is it a specific widget that you're like to add to your eStore? Or maybe a translation extension? Or a tailor-made multi-currency add-on?

Or a custom-made blog plugin, that should feature a unique functionality?

We're more than “just” an experienced e-commerce website design company in New York: we're a bunch of good listeners.

Therefore, speak up: share your feature requirements and we'll strive to turn them into eStore-specific extensions that you can boost its performance and UX with.

Follow-Up Support and Maintenance

But what if trouble strikes — a cyberattack, an unexpected traffic overload or a performance bottleneck — in just a few weeks, months or... years after your Magento eStore's launch?

Or what if a new version of the e-commerce platform gets released and you wish to upgrade your store, too? Or maybe you just need professional advice on how to further enhance it.

On the upgrades that best suit your website's needs: a new extension or add-on to improve the user experience with.

We're ready to handle all these “what if” challenges! To:

  • run regular in-depth checkups on your e-commerce website
  • detect and identify any suspicious activity, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues... even before they get to turn into “issues”
  • provide ongoing and continuous monitoring
  • run regular audits, issuing detailed reports for you to analyze
  • monitor your server's performance
  • balance the load
  • run scheduled, regular data backups

In short: our dedicated Magento services do extend over to the post-delivery Magento development maintenance support services, as well. We're the type of development team that “sticks around”.

One that keeps alert in case the unexpected does happen, is constantly monitoring your eStore's performance and security level, even when things seem to be going surprisingly smoothly.

What would you choose: an eStore that performs remarkably well now or one that's sure to deliver results in the future to come, as well? One that's constantly evolving?

If you're more into scenario no. 2, we're the Magento maintenance and support team to... future-proof your eStore for continuous success.

But Why Us?

Why would you hand your Magento 2 website development project to our team of Magento developers when there are so many highly qualified and experienced Magento development teams out there?

  • because we offer only tailor-made Magento-based e-commerce solutions
  • because we'll... stick around: we provide follow-up support and ongoing monitoring
  • because we're using an agile, result-oriented workflow: our development process stays flexible enough to accommodate all incoming changes along the way
  • because we have the Magento expertise needed to actually leverage the platform's impressive capabilities and, moreover, to adjust them so that they fit your needs exactly

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