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Laravel Development Services in Montreal

What type of a Laravel-powered web solution we'll provide you?

A highly customized, feature-rich, conveniently extensible one catering to your requirements.


Why Laravel?

Because it makes building a web app requiring lots of customization faster and easier for any Laravel developer in Montreal.

And that translates into saved resources for you...

Because its robust architectural framework “spoils” us — both developers and website owners — with crucial tools right out of the box.

We're talking here about its pre-built support for building an authorization, and authentication system, about built-in integration with mail services and powerful caching back-ends, security strengthening features and the fact that it's designed for unmatched versatility.

And, above all: the MVC framework strikes a clear demarcation line between business logic/ and code presentation. This speeds up both the initial development cycle and all further enhancements.

Laravel E-Commerce Web Solutions

From building shopping carts, template files, and authorization systems, to leveraging the customization capabilities of this framework to the fullest, our Laravel and Magento services in Montreal for e-commerce handle it all. Every aspect of creating your online shop.

An e-store that scales to your growing business needs, that fits your specific requirements and... engages.

Now we can't deny that the framework's MVC architecture makes everything much easier for us: it's perfectly suited for e-commerce website development.

Still, its out-of-the-box capabilities for writing extensible, manageable and secure code and for customizing every element of your online store wouldn't mean anything without the expertise of each Laravel developer at OPTASY.

The one that enables us to turn all these features into... power.

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Laravel Web Development in Montreal

What are your website/web application customization needs? Do dare to share them with us, for we've got your back with:

  • expert-level experience working with this framework
  • skills to tweak its built-in capabilities till the resulting features meet your requirements entirely

From CMS development to building custom web applications and e-Commerce web solutions, to extension development, we're the Laravel service provider you can count on.

But let us bring our Laravel development services forward:

Laravel website development

Building conveniently scalable, modular and easy-to-customize websites is what we do. Feel free to capitalize on our experience as a Laravel service provider.

Custom web application development

Are you thinking what we're thinking? That a web application that engages should feature simplified code and expressive syntax? Then we're on the same wavelength: just tap into our hands-on expertise in custom app development.

Custom CMS and back-end development

It's a full-featured CMS system that we'll deliver you — multiple user accounts and management, clean back-end styles, theme implementation — one perfectly tailored to your specific content management needs.

Laravel extension development

We challenge you to... dream big. To want all the most robust new features for your website. We're here to build and implement them for you as extensions.

Theme design and integration

Is it a clean and visually-appealing theme that you're dreaming of? Do share even your “overly” specific requirements with us.

Third-Party App integration

More functionality? We've got you covered with our clean and simplified way of coding and our experience in integrating Laravel websites with third-party APIs.

Laravel migration services: lay back and let us handle migrating your current website to this new framework.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

So, you've launched your website or web app and now:

  • you realize that you need to incorporate a new functionality
  • you realize that there are some critical updates to be run
  • you detect some suspicious activity and have security-related doubts

Don't worry, we'll be right behind you!

Ready to assist, to guide you and to intervene: our Laravel services “palette” includes post-delivery services, as well.

Speaking of which, let us detail them:

Website/web app backup

We'll see that your data — files and databases — gets safely backed up and stored to the Laravel native cloud file system. Whenever there's a small suspicion regarding your backup, you'll get notified.

Security monitoring

We'll put our Laravel development team in charge with monitoring your site/app's performance 24/7. If trouble strikes, they'll be the first to detect it.

Regular updating

OK, so this PHP web framework features some of the most modern features. It does “spoil”, with its out-of-the-box capabilities, both developers, web app owners and end users.

And yet, to keep your Laravel-based website in tip-top shape, you need to update it, regularly.

We're here to handle the job for you!

Adding enhancements on request

Maybe you think that your website or app exceeds your expectations right now. But what about later?

If there's a new functionality that you'll then need to inject... we're here to help! To further enhance it and scale it up to your future needs, as well!

But Why Us?

The best way to answer this is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a team of Laravel enthusiasts or one of PHP and MySQL experts that you need?
  • Is it an “all-purpose” type of web solution or one tailored specifically to your requests that you expect your Laravel service provider to deliver you?
  • How important is it for you that your web app should be easy to maintain, easy to manage for future updates, as well?
  • How much do you value post-delivery services?
  • How much do you value transparency — regarding costs, timescale, etc. — in your partnering development team?

If you're as exigent when it comes to the services that you receive as we are about our work, you've got your answer…

 Contact our team of Magento developers in Montreal for professional services.

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