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Standard Drupal Maintenance

Our Standard Drupal Maintenance package offers you peace of mind from knowing that your website infrastructure is secure. This package includes:

  • Drupal Core security updates
  • Drupal Contributed Modules security updates
  • Regular maintenance and website quality assurance tests
  • Server maintenance and security updates to the Linux operating system and related software such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Access to our Customer Support Portal and connect with our Drupal experts

Extended Drupal Support Services

The Extended Drupal maintenance and support is designed for more complex sites or those with more stringent uptime requirements. In addition to the Drupal services offered under Standard Support (both Drupal database support and website support), we can provide the following services as needed:

  • Server monitoring (ping, SSH, disk and memory swap usage, load)
  • High performance and availability system design and configuration
  • Application optimization (CDN, load balancing, caching, etc)
  • You can view more details on our Drupal Maintenance and Support Plans page.

We offer monthly recurring billing which automatically charges your credit or debit card each month. You never have to worry about missing a payment or mailing a check. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.


Drupal Support and Maintenance Plans







Setup Fee
Support for 1 Site
Same-Day Critical Security Updates 
Monthly Security Updates
Monthly Module Updates
Monthly Broken Link Scan 
Monthly Security Scan 
Monthly Manual Site Check
Monthly Speed Test 
Offline Updating  
GIT Version Control 
Detailed Work Notes  
Testing After All Updates
Security Guarantee  
Hack/Malware/Down Recovery  

Daily Offsite Backups

(The website has to be hosted on our server)

Unlimited Support   
Unlimited Website Repairs & Fixes*   
Unlimited Website Updates*   
Average response time24hrs12hrs8hrs8hrs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Drupal support and maintenance plans

For what Drupal versions do you offer maintenance and support?

All the versions newer than Drupal 5. Therefore, here at OPTASY, we will develop (or migrate) your entire website on Drupal 6 (Drupal 6 LTS here included), Drupal 7, and Drupal 8.

Do you offer me the possibility to change my Drupal support plan after I've signed up?

Definitely! Flexibility is OPTASY's middle name! You can both upgrade and downgrade your current plan at any time. Feel free to contact us if you don't know how to access the billing portal so that we can send you the link to your personal one.

How do I know if solving my particular Drupal problem is “covered” by your plan?

Solving common Drupal infrastructure management problems and specific security issues that site owners might face when using this content management system is what we do here and, moreover: we're a Drupal support agency at your service 24/7! Therefore, instead of losing valuable time questioning yourself whether we'd be able to help you with the problem you're facing, how about just trying us? We're your dedicated team of Drupal Maintenance & Support experts, so feel free to contact us for sharing with us any occurring problems or just a "small" website issue that looks suspect to you! We'll be there to listen to you, to put our diagnose and to tackle your reported issue right away.

Will you provide me with Drupal support services support for all my websites?

Of course! However, for each one of your websites you'll need to sign in for separate maintenance and Drupal database support plan (database recovery here included!): you can't group all of your corporate websites (or at least not more than one) on a single plan.

Will you be running future version upgrades of Drupal on my site as part of this plan?

No, we will not and here's why: upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 or from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is a truly complex process that will affect the in-depth architecture and whole ecosystem of modules on your site. It's not just a matter of running ongoing updates and handling minor version conflicts: we might then run the risk of not having the same modules available in the newer version of Drupal and this calls for a time-consuming “marathon” of re-coding and rethinking through your website's entire functionality. These 3 versions of Drupal (6,7 and 8) that we support here, at OPTASY, differ greatly in theming layers. In a nutshell: running major version upgrades it's not a matter of installing and then fixing minor compatibility errors. It's a far more complex process and the best context for running it and for guaranteeing it all the needed time and resources is when you decide to redesign your website (that includes content updates, as well). In other words: our proactive regular maintenance plan covers strictly code and security upgrades specific to the version of Drupal that your website's currently using!

What type of work isn't included in this Drupal maintenance and support plan?

Our maintenance team of Drupal experts at OPTASY is here to provide you all the Drupal website maintenance services that you need, to run all the necessary code reviews and security patches and to handle the small fixes.Therefore, as you can see, this list excludes services such as PSD to Drupal conversion, custom website development, SEO, digital marketing, content updates, PPC, hosting and pretty much any other web development-related task requiring more than 30 minutes to get it done and extra special attention. Don't hesitate to pop a question if you're not sure whether the type of work you want us to do for you is covered by this plan or not!

Can I rely on your support 24/7?

Absolutely! It's true that we handle the bulk of our tasks during our "official" office hours, from Monday to Friday, nevertheless, we're permanently "on alert", 7 days a week (so there's always someone from our security team who can provide you Drupal website support on weekends) 24 hours a day (if you need assistance late at night, feel free contact us: there's always an OPTASY developer available to provide you with appropriate emergency support). In other words: feel free to contact us at any hour, any day, we're at your service!

Is there a time limit to the tasks you handle?

30 minutes! That's how much it takes us to keep all the customers in our portfolio properly attended to! This is the ideal time limit that we have set up for solving the tasks included in our Drupal support and maintenance plan. If a task implies more than 30 minutes from our expert team's work time, we will then consider it a complex "project" rather than a "task" and its solving is not included in our maintenance services plan.

Still: how many support requests does "unlimited support" include?

We're happy and capable to handle a considerable number of reported technical issues with an impact on the overall user experience. However, we do apply the "common sense" rule when handling Drupal website support requests from you, our future customer, and we expect you to consider it, too.

Is there a complexity limit to the tasks that the OPTASY team will handle?

All our customers are our top priorities, therefore we include fixes/tasks taking up-to-30 minutes in this plan so that no client should wait in the line for our help. All the other more complex (and therefore lengthier) issues are not covered by our Drupal maintenance and support plan.

"Providing unlimited support"! Is that even doable? There must be a "catch" somewhere!

We're an honest Drupal support agency and we require honesty in return from all our customers, as well! Therefore, what we can honestly assure you of is this: we will happily handle a number of issues/Drupal problems that you detect on your website as long as this number of tasks breaks no common sense rule. When it does, don't worry: we'll let you know that you've gone over the line!

How quickly will you actually handle my requests?

Within a few hours, on the same business day! This is our strict self-imposed rule that we apply to the great majority of our tasks. However, if you contact us reporting a website issue at night, we'll handle it in the following morning. As for requests that we get during weekends, it depends greatly on how urgent the reported problem is: we'll get to work and get it solved during the same day or on Monday morning.

How quickly, after I've signed up, will you assist me in my first problem?

On the very same (business) day! Signing up is nothing but completing a few easy steps and immediately afterward you can feel free to contact our team and to report the very first Drupal problem that you want us to solve or an inquiry that you'll need to make.

How can I get in touch with you if the worst possible scenario ever occurs?

The quickest way is to send us an email at It's permanently monitored, so you can stay reassured: once you've alerted us to email, it will be just a matter of minutes before we "come to your rescue".

What if I won't be satisfied with your support services? Will I then get a refund?

Of course! In case you will be dissatisfied with our maintenance and support services during the first 30 days of the plan that you will have signed in for, you'll get your subscription refunded.

How do I know whether my problem's solving will take you less than 30 minutes?

Well, the best way to get a clear answer is by asking us directly, before you sign up on our Drupal maintenance page. Nevertheless, you can as well "follow your instinct" and rely on your judgment and if you consider that fixing your Drupal problem won't take us more than 30 minutes, feel free to sign up. We'll make solving it our priority. In case we won't manage to fix it within that given time frame, you will be refunded for your lost time and inconvenience.

How will you handle a situation where a theme or module breaks up my website?

“We'll roll up our sleeves” and get it fixed! Although we put all our efforts to set up the ideal context of compatibility before we run any updates on the themes or modules on your website or before we migrate it to a newer version of this content management system, we want to be honest with you, right from the start: there's no such thing as 101% certain updating process. “Expect the unexpected!"- although we take all the measures and put your website under a robust shield against unexpected performance issues that might result from this whole process. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong, we'll rush in to detect and fix the cause of the breakup and, at the same time, to warn that module or plugin maintainer so that they can get to work right away for finding the proper patch for it. In 99% of the cases these types of bugs, version conflicts or site performance issues affecting the user experience (and your business reputation) are already detected by and caught in our Staging Environment, prior to the updating process that we'll run on your live site.


How about affiliate programs? Do you have one at OPTASY?

Yes, we do! For all the details you need please check out our affiliates sign up page.

Do I have a question/query that you haven't answered here? How do I get it answered?

Feel free to use our above-mentioned email address ( or our contact page for sending us your specific question or detailed request and we'll get back to you right away.


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