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Laravel Development Services in Toronto

It's fast, flexible and conveniently easy to get a handle on. And yet, you still need

a team of Laravel professionals to flex it to your needs...


Why Laravel?

Because it speeds up the whole development process and it's highly customizable.

In other words: we, as your Laravel service provider in Toronto, get "spoiled" with a whole set of built-in integrations and out-of-the-box tools that streamline our work. As for you, you're free to express all your feature needs and customization requirements.

That because Laravel's ideally flexible: it enables us to tweak it to your "wildest" feature needs.

Should we add also that its MVC architecture supports a clear separation of the presentation from the business logic and gives an extra boost to the development process?

That it's ideally modular and that it makes the ideal framework if it's an enterprise-level app that you have in mind?

Laravel E-Commerce Web Solutions

Let us guess: you want your Laravel website/web app to be robust — it should cope easily with massive influxes of traffic — to be scalable and flexible.

Then you definitely need an experienced Laravel development team. One to turn this framework's powerful out-of-the-box features into custom eCommerce functionalities for your own online store.

We're up for the challenge!


  • integrating specific payment gateways

  • to incorporating authorization systems

  • to custom-building shopping carts

  • to running all the due configurations so that your eCommerce website's robust enough to withstand high peaks of traffic

… we have the working experience to tailor a Laravel eCommerce solution to your specific feature needs.

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Laravel Web Development in Toronto

What are your expectations from your future Laravel website or web application?

Should it be particularly scalable to seamlessly accommodate your growing feature needs? Or maybe it should feature a whole range of custom-built extensions providing precisely the unique functionality that you need.

Or is it a Laravel website/app that integrates with a whole ecosystem of third-party services that you have in mind?

We've got you covered.

But let's talk... specific Laravel services, shall we? Here are the specific Laravel development services that we provide:

Custom Laravel web app development

A feature-rich, scalable, enterprise-level web apps with an expressive syntax and simplified code. If that's what you have in mind, then we've got you covered: robust feature-loaded web apps, tailored to our clients' specific (and in many cases unique) requirements is what we do best

Custom back-end and CMS development

How does your “dream” CMS look like? Does it “spoil” you with lots of built-in functionality: multiple content management tools, clean back-end styles, plenty of user accounts...

Again, we've got your back: setting up full-featured, Laravel back-end systems is what we're experienced in.

Laravel extension development

What are those unique, complex functionalities that you “crave” for? We're ready to build and deliver them to you in as easy-to-add Laravel extensions.

Third-party app integration

What are those critical third-party services and apps that you must integrate into your Laravel web app/website? Let us handle all the custom integration scenarios for you: we've been building RESTful web services with Laravel since.... forever.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Building a robust, feature-packed, and scalable Laravel website/web app is not the main challenge. Future-proofing it is!

And this is where we, your dedicated support and maintenance team step in and... save the day and wash your worries away. Here's just a sneak peek into the Laravel services in our “menu” geared at keeping your website updated, relevant, and secure on a long term:

Regular backups

But what if the worst possible scenario does become real and... your website falls victim to a cyber attack? Then you'll know that your files and database will have been safely stored in the Laravel native cloud system.

As your Laravel service provider, we commit to running such data backups on a regular basis.

Security monitoring

Take the burden of constantly watching over your Laravel website off your back and... put it on our shoulders. We'll be monitoring it 24/7, so we can detect any suspicious activity way before it turns into a security issue.

Adding new custom enhancements

What if, at some point in the future, you want to add a new feature to your website, that should enhance its current performance and user experience?

Then, it will be recomforting knowing that you have a support & monitoring Laravel team at your service, ready to jump right on and upgrade it for you.

Running regular updates

Keeping your Laravel website relevant on a long-term means keeping it... up to date. And that's precisely what we'll do: handle the “tedious” tasks of updating its ecosystem on a regular basis and custom-fitting all the new features that such updates bring.

But Why Us?

The best way to answer this is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a team of Laravel enthusiasts or one of PHP and MySQL experts that you need?

  • Is it an “all-purpose” type of web solution or one tailored specifically to your requests that you expect your Laravel service provider to deliver you?

  • How important is it to you that your web app should be easy to maintain, easy to manage for future updates, as well?

  • How much do you value post-delivery services?

  • How much do you value transparency — regarding costs, timescale, etc. — in your partnering development team?

If you're as exigent when it comes to the Laravel services that you receive as we are about our work, you've got your answer...

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