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What “name tag” does your Angular-powered idea wear? “Feature-rich web app”, “SPA-single page application”, “interactive dashboard” or “native app”? As for us, we sure know the name of THE AngularJS development company in Canada with the right expertise to turn it (your idea) into reality...

So, let's team up!

You'll bring your unique idea of an app and your specific requirements to the table, while we'll bring:

  • a team of full-stack Angular app development experts (we're always examining, closely, the breadth and depth of expertise when we hire AngularJS developers) with proven in-depth knowledge of AngularJS
  • our “weakness” for this JavaScript framework in particular: more than one Angular expert will be handling your project
  • our capacity to perfectly adapt our Angular web development services to your specific needs

And speaking of them (“our services”), here's what we can turn your unique idea into:

  • a custom, dynamic AngularJS web app
  • an interactive, real-time app
  • a video streaming app
  • an interactive dashboard
  • an e-commerce app, one of our most requested AngularJS services here, at OPTASY
  • a custom widget
  • a social networking app
  • custom components and interactive UI

But maybe you're curious how our collaboration will unfold, in detail? How we'll approach your Angular mobile development project.

If so, here's our step-by-step Angular web development process... unfolded:

  1. We engage with you frequently enough to ensure that we get a full understanding of your requirements
  2. We deep analyze them trying to identify (if any) any possible discrepancies or feasibility issues
  3. We get to work: more than just one Angular developer in our team delves deep into your project's development phase, having your specific business purpose in mind at all time
  4. . … and making sure that the final, full-fledged web solution that we'll put together for you using the Angular CLI has a dynamic look&feel, as well (told you we were extremely picky whenever we needed to hire a dedicated AngularJS developer)
  5. We run multiple extensive tests hunting down bugs and errors and we don't stop testing and polishing till it gets... flawless: we're not just a team doing web development with Angular... we're a team of AngularJS experts...
  6. Last, but surely not least: we ensure easy deployment on your end; that's the main goal for each Angular expert at OPTASY who'll be working on your project

But still... why should you choose our AngularJS development company?

… when there's not just one senior Angular developer out there, but there are lots of other experienced, passionate teams of technical experts building robust and dynamic apps in AngularJS, as well?

  • because we'll build your AngularJS-based app with user experience in mind (from start to end)
  • because we deliver end-to-end AngularJS development services (we've use some really high standards when we hire AngularJS developers)
  • because we build context-driven apps only
  • because we'll keep you well informed throughout your project's life-cycle; we'll provide you with a well-structured roadmap, so you'll know, at all time, who's doing what (and why) and what level we're at


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