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Since you're here, curious to read about our services and digital solutions as a Drupal development agency, then your current/planned website must be:

  • a content-heavy one
  • a multi-site one
  • a multi-language one
  • an e-commerce one
  • one has an entire ecosystem of integrations

In short: it's a large website coming with a quite “overwhelming” set of robust and specific requirements.

Have we got it right? 

Now that we've guessed your needs, here's how we can meet them. Just take a plunge in our list of Drupal development services here:

Drupal Development          

On-site and in-house custom Drupal 8 development! In our 3 offices in Oakville (Ontario), New York, and Amsterdam, more precisely. 

We're the best Drupal developers to partner with if you need a Drupal website that should:

  • be feature-rich
  • be built with high performance and the user experience in mind
  • be conveniently flexible
  • have an effective digital strategy and digital marketing plan
  • be “shielded” by enterprise-level security
  • ship with a granular user management system tailored to your organization's specific needs when it comes to custom workflows
  • be "loaded" with custom Drupal modules to fit unique functionality needs
  • leverage an enhanced content management system; where content gets found, filtered — and, therefore, perfectly structured —  with utmost ease
  • be conveniently modular and extensible

Stay assured: you won't be “taking us by surprise”!

We've been creating Drupal development solutions for more than 10 years already. Hence, every Drupal developer that we hire has the experience (and the know-how) to turn all the above-listed requirements into results. 

Into digital results.

From the very first step, where we'll be:

  • reviewing the technical architecture of your future Drupal site (and identifying all the needed Drupal modules)
  • to putting together its whole infrastructure of functionalities 
  • ... or starting to upgrade your existing Drupal website
  • to migrating its current content (to Drupal 8, maybe?)
  • to integrating it with all your third-party systems

... we've got you covered!

Drupal Web Design and UX    

A highly functional Drupal website shouldn't compromise on looks, right? This is one of our no.1 principles as a Drupal 8 development team and design agency. 

It should be visually appealing, as well. Moreover, it should engage.

Are we on the same page? If so, expect our development teams to:

  • leverage our user-centered approach towards design when building your future website
  • invest time and expertise in building a robust information architecture (a navigation strategy here included)
  • invest time and expertise in user research: to create user stories, user personas...

For creating the just beautiful design isn't our ultimate goal (and we're convinced that yours either): strategically crafting beautiful design, backed up by usability, is. 

Visually-appealing design made... perfectly usable by our design agency. 

Drupal Module Development 

No matter how high your feature needs might be, there are one or more Drupal modules for every function that you might want to supercharge your website with.

Or isn't there? Is it an ultra-specific functionality that you have in mind maybe?

Well then, we shall build it for you? Build you the custom module that should serve your particular requirements, then seamlessly integrate it with your website. Luckily, every Drupal developer in our Drupal 8 digital agency has a wide experience in creating new modules, that should fit unique functionality needs and complex development projects.

Drupal eCommerce Development 

Is it more than “just” an online store that you need, but a powerful e-commerce “selling machine” instead? We, the Canadian Drupal experts, are ready to take the challenge! 

Let's take a guess: you need an online store. You need it built fast (obviously), you need it to incorporate all those powerful (and maybe even unique) e-commerce features that you have in mind, you need it to be easy to use for both your online customers and your staff members. Oh yes: and you need it to be conveniently extendable, so you can keep adding custom work to further extend its functionality, even after its release. Have we guessed it? Then it's a Drupal 8 Commerce website that you need. And we're the right team to build it for you.

Drupal Integration 

Is it your social media, your ESP, ERP, or CRM that you want to integrate with your website? Or maybe a specific payment gateway or your accounting system?

Stay assured! As a Drupal development and design agency, we do “boast with” extensive experience in Drupal integration.

Drupal Migrations 

Moving websites from other platforms to Drupal or from Drupal to a newer version of Drupal is one of the specialties in our “menu”. In this respect, we might have already been challenged with the most complex scenarios of Drupal migrations you could think of.

We'll handle your content with utmost caution during transfer time and leverage our expertise for comfortably “accommodating” it on your new website. 

All this without the risk to lose your business' digital presence or affect your users' digital experiences even for one day.

Why Us?

Why the OPTASY web team as your future Drupal partner?

  1. because we put together a long-term digital strategy for our Drupal web projects
  2. because we're all into the iterative development 
  3. because we're Drupal programmers who consider constant testing and getting frequent feedback from our clients to be crucial for developing a sustainable, future-proofed Drupal website

Designing and Developing WCAG-Compliant Themes


●    Drupal's robust out-of-the-box support for web accessibility
●    our own experience and expertise in building WCAG-compliant Drupal themes
●    our highly efficient in-house workflow, based on using the best practices, tools, and techniques for creating accessible web design and on exhaustively testing all individual pages and front-end code

… all combined, we're ready to enhance the user experience on your Drupal website. To make it cater to all users, irrespective of their accessibility requirements.

So, whether it's:

●    a whole new theme that you need to be built, from scratch, one complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
●    auditing, identifying any accessibility issues on your current Drupal theme, and making the due improvements

… we're up for the challenge!

Extending Drupal

With more than 6,500 available modules, the vast majority of a site's requirements can be addressed with the Drupal core and available add-on modules. Need something more specific? We can customize anything and everything a client can imagine. Drupal allows developers and designers to build great websites, while not re-creating features available elsewhere.

Performance and Scalability

Whether your website needs to handle huge traffic and heavy loads of content or not just yet, your CMS will easily scale to all the challenges that you'll be facing along the life cycle of your business.

Drupal 8 Development

"Mobile-first", "global-ready", are but some of cutting-edge Drupal 8's innovative features. Features that propel any Drupal agency and any Drupal 8 website owner right into the post-browser future of the digital world. It's built to empower, even more, the non-technical user, to simplify the Drupal 8 developer/builder's overall web development experience and to align with the most influential digital trends of the future (mobile-first mentality being just one of them).

Collaborating through Drupal

Drupal's focus on social publishing through social media can help you make locales and applications to help your clients express their conclusions over the Internet and engage with one another within the walls of the site. Customers can plot tight control over who can make, perspective, manage, distribute and generally communicate with substance on your site.

Connecting Drupal

Seamless 3rd party integration is another feature that the agile team in our Drupal development agency in Toronto gets to boost its web projects with. Drupal makes it simple to unite site to different to other sites and services across the web, using aggregation, feeds, social media integration and search engine connection capabilities. Social networking integration is also widely supported to help clients engage with a wider audience. Also, Drupal offers every site simple approaches to collaborate with external media and file services.

Design and Play

Drupal's presentation layer allows designers to create highly usable, interactive experiences that engage users and increase traffic. Tied in with popular services such as Google Analytics, the statistical tracking can be extensive, expansive and information-rich. Creating unique and hand-made custom themes for all projects ensures your site has a unique and interesting identity.

Building with Drupal

Build internal and external-facing websites that are self-contained and simple to manage. Maintain these sites without having to know custom programming. Don't re-invent the wheel, there's no need to start from scratch every time you build a new site. You can utilize a multi-site configuration or choose a Drupal distribution (installation profile). These provide a pre-defined configuration of site features and functions for a specific purpose or type of site, available as a single download.

Going Mobile With Drupal

… now gets more organically than ever, considering that Drupal 8's supported by an innovative mobile-first philosophy!

Creative Content with Drupal

Manage content with an easy-to-use web interface and WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, a more than useful tool for any editorial team involved. A user-empowering tool that no Drupal 8 developer working in our Drupal agency in Toronto couldn't image its workflow without. Drupal's flexibility handles numerous content types including video, text, blog, AJAX, JQuery, podcasts, webforms and polls with robust user management, menu handling, real-time statistics, and optional revision control. Where do you add that Drupal 8 now comes upgraded with multilingual support, allowing you to speak all your users' languages if you decide to go global?

Secure Your Business/Website with Drupal

Could you think of better support than that offered by a whole community of users and the best Drupal developers constantly improving this open-source platform, forming the “vigilant eye” watching upon your business?

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