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We add Innovation to the Android App development process!

And this is precisely that "not so secret ingredient" that sets us apart from other Android app development companies!

Innovative, interactive, full-featured apps for Android injected with the latest tech is what we in this section of the OPTASY lab!

Why Android? Because it's the surest way to reach out to a 80+% of all smartphone users.

Why us?

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Feature-Packed Android Apps Is What We Do!

Fancying any particular, cutting-edge feature(s) for your future app?

Here are the functionalities that we're ready to supercharge your app with! Scan them through and pick the ones that fit your own app idea:

  • push notification: engage your app's users with custom alerts and targeted recommendations
  • in-app purchases: monetize your app and enable your customers to buy their upgrades, add-ons etc.
  • external APIs integration: constantly extend your app's functionality
  • location services: capitalize on the GPS/WiFi data that the Android devices provide you with to adapt your app's content to the user's location
  • game kit: consider implementing a gamification design/method for “instigating” users to actively engage with your app (loader boards, achievements etc.)
  • social network integration: enhance user experience, increase distribution & user loyalty and build user communities around your app

From Concept to Google Play Store: A Full-Cycle Android App Development Agency

We've got you covered from app strategy to UI/UX design... and all the way to testing and Google Play store deployment!

For we don't do things by half measure around here.

And here's how your Android app development “journey” with us will look like, divided into chapters:

  • UI/UX: this is where we engineer your app's user interface, which should come out user-friendly, highly intuitive and fully accessible before it leaves our lab
  •  Architecture: where we strike the balance between the server and the databasse calls, so that your Android app gets fueled with high performance
  • API Layer: getting your app “third-party APIs accessible” is one of our main goals
  • Back-end: depending on your app's specific tech requirements, we adapt our toolbox accordingly; caching and optimized database table structures are just 2 of the performance-oriented techniques that will implement at this phase of the process
  • External APIs: pick your platform and we'll handle its integration with your app (along with all its great features)
  •  Unit Testing: we're pretty “obsessed” with testing for perfection
  •  Deployment: from descriptions to assets to icons of 101 sizes... we're ready to handle all the app store deployment-related tasks for you

Curious What Types of Androids Apps We Can Build for You?

Well, then delve into our list here below, and pick your own kind of app/use case for your app:

  • tools & utility apps
  • enterprise apps
  • game apps
  • mobile commerce apps
  •  productivity apps
  •  social networking apps
  • custom Android apps

Speaking of the latter, if innovation is what drives use, challenges are actually what we seek as a team of Android app developers.

If you can't really put a name on your innovative app idea and if you want it to turn out perfectly tailored to your specific needs... we can't wait to tell us all about it!

So we can turn it into reality (and hopefully give it a name, too!).

Our Toolbox

Our passion for innovation and all our hard work and commitment to perfection would mean nothing without the proper technology stack at hand.

And our list of tools and technologies that we tap into and capitalize on for building  our clients' Android apps is a never-ending one:

  •  Android Studio
  •  jQuery
  • Unity
  • React
  • Swift

Do tell us now: what app idea have you been toying with?


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