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Whether you need Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance services, our accessibility team of experts is here to help you deliver results.

Our accessibility building strategies combine technology, specialists, legal expertise, and personalized processes that ensure your site meets the highest accessibility standards for all users.

We'll work with you from start to finish on a project, ensuring every step along the way is completed in accordance with industry best practices. 

Why do you need to make your website accessible?  

The most recent laws regarding website accessibility in the U.S. and Canada are outlined by the Americans With Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

These regulations require websites to be made available to people who have disabilities so they can access information online as easily as possible. This includes making sure text content is readable, images display properly, navigation links function correctly, and more.

While compliance regulations for public sector organizations might slightly differ from private or non-profit companies, making websites accessible is beginning to look like a mandatory task for any type of website. 

What does this mean for my business?

If you don't already know it, there's no time like now to get started! Making your website accessible will not only improve user experience but also increase traffic and conversions.

It may seem daunting at first, but we're here to walk through each stage of the process together. We'll provide guidance throughout the entire process, including: 

  • Website audit - identifying areas where improvements could be made.
  • Designing an effective strategy - creating a plan.
  • Implementation & testing - implementing changes and monitoring progress.
  • Maintenance and support- keeping up with updates and maintaining high levels of accessibility.  

What are the requirements for AODA web accessibility compliance?

The AODA requires government agencies to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities when providing goods and services through their websites. Public websites and other types of online publications have to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A and Level AA criteria.

The law also outlines how these sites should be designed and built to accommodate disabled individuals. To comply with this legislation, an agency must:

  • Provide clear communication about its policies and procedures related to disability accommodation. 
  • Make reasonable efforts to communicate effectively with consumers using alternative formats such as audio, braille, large print, etc.

To overcome common accessibility barriers, you can start implementing some accessibility tools that will ensure basic web accessibility: 

  • Screen readers – Screen reader software allows visually impaired visitors to read aloud what appears on the screen. It works well if there is enough contrast between background colours and foreground text. If not, it may cause confusion because the user won't know where he/she is reading.
  • Text alternatives - Text alternatives allow blind users to navigate a page without relying on visual cues. They include captions, alt tags, and transcripts.
  • Voice over - Voice over provides additional functionality to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. For example, it could play back instructions provided by a customer service representative.
  • Video and audio description - Video descriptions describe video clips to enable viewers who cannot hear them to understand what's happening. The description can appear at any time during playback but ideally would precede the clip itself.
  • Keyboard navigation - Keyboard shortcuts help users move around pages quickly. Some keyboard commands are universal across all browsers, while others vary depending on which browser you're using.
  • Web design - Designing your site according to WCAG guidelines ensures that it meets the needs of everyone regardless of whether they use a mouse or a touchpad. Clear website design that uses concise language is needed in an accessible design strategy. 

How do I know if my website is AODA compliant?

There are several ways to check your current website against the AODA standards. You can either perform manual audits or use automated solutions. Here are two options:

  • Manual audit - In order to manually assess your website's accessibility, you need to identify areas that don't conform to the requirements outlined in the AODA. This includes checking each page individually and identifying potential issues. Once identified, you'll want to address them accordingly.
  • Automated solution - There are many free and paid solutions available that automate the process of auditing your website. These programs scan your entire website and report on any problems found. They typically offer suggestions on how to fix the issue so that your site complies with the AODA.

How can OPTASY's compliance website development services help me build accessible websites?

Overall, accessibility requirements are the same for all websites. However, every project and audience has unique needs, and accessibility should be tailored according to these needs. 

At Optasy, we build Drupal, Magento, or WordPress sites that comply thoroughly with the latest regulations regarding web accessibility compliance

Optasy provides comprehensive web accessibility consulting services to ensure that your website will meet its accessibility goals. We work closely with our clients throughout the planning stages to determine their specific objectives and then provide recommendations based on those priorities.  

Let us take a customized approach for building your accessible site that supports people with disabilities in having the most comfortable web and mobile experience

Our team works diligently to make sure that your website is built using best practices and industry-standard techniques and helps you integrate accessibility compliance into your site. 

Our goal is to create a fully functional, user-friendly website that also adheres to the strictest accessibility rules without compromising on the digital strategy.  

Overcome your accessibility barriers today

By leveraging Optasy's accessibility compliance site development services, you can craft easier, more enjoyable and interactive online experiences for everyone. Our expertise in web accessibility will help you overcome any accessibility barriers you may currently face. 

Take your web development project to the next accessibility level with Optasy!  

Contact us and start building accessible websites.


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