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Drupal Development Toronto

Robust, yet flexible. Reliable, yet conveniently scalable. We're ready to flex Drupal to your needs:

it's +14 years that we've been working with Drupal...


Drupal Upgrade & Migration

Your current legacy CMS doesn't... fit your website anymore? Does it no longer meet your new feature needs?

Maybe your website's much more trafficked than years ago, when you first launched it. Maybe its content load is getting heavier or its visitors more demanding: they expect your web pages to load... instantly. So, you need a senior Drupal developer in Toronto or, even better, a whole team of professionals to give its performance a major boost.

So, you're thinking about migrating to... Drupal: a more robust, highly scalable and conveniently flexible open-source CMS. And, obviously, you're looking for the best Drupal agency in Toronto to handle your specific requirements.

Or is your website already on Drupal, but you need to update it to the latest minor version of the CMS so that you, too, can benefit from all those tempting improvements that it's been turbocharged with?

Rest assured: it's more than a decade since we've been cautiously migrating our clients' precious data, content, databases, and users to Drupal. Our Drupal website developers in Toronto, with their + 14 years of experience, have got the chance to handle pretty much any challenge a migration process could bring. 

Drupal Responsive Web Design

Delivering a seamless user experience on all devices is no longer just a trend but... the norm.

Therefore, our +14 years experience in doing Toronto Drupal development has “carved” responsive design best practices deep into our processes :

  • flexible, grid-based layouts

  • media queries

  • scalable images

Any senior Drupal developer, web designer or themer in our Drupal agency in Toronto knows the 3 goals of a website's interface:

  1. to be visually-stunning

  2. to be usable

  3. to fit perfectly all devices, of any sizes and shape

In this respect, our work style is the following:

  • we make an inventory of the smallest screen sizes that we're targeting

  • we start designing for those specific devices

  • our Drupal website developers in Toronto scale it up from there...

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Drupal Development in Toronto

Let's see: how does the “wishlist” for your new Drupal site look like? We bet that you need it to be:

  • robust enough to withstand high peaks of traffic and massive volumes of content

  • flexible enough to integrate with any new third-party app that you might need at some point or to seamlessly incorporate any new feature that you might want to implement

  • extensible and ideally scalable so that it flexes perfectly to your needs: a new module, “injecting” new functionality and turning your website into a powerful machine

Then, there's no surprise that you've chosen to go with a Drupal development services provider. It's, without question, a platform that pushes things forward.

Ok, so Drupal's your platform of choice, but... why OPTASY? Why would you want to go with our team of Drupal experts based in Toronto?

Here are just some of the main reasons:

  • developing custom modules is our “specialty”: is there a specific functionality that you need and no Drupal module providing it? We'll build it for you!

  • eCommerce Drupal development is what we love doing, after module development: whether it's building your online store from the ground up, equipped with all the needed pre-built and custom-made features and integrated with all the requested 3-rd party tools or it's about migrating your current eCommerce store to... Drupal, we're up to the challenge

  • Drupal front-end development: none of the existing, pre-designed themes suits your needs perfectly? We're ready to design your custom Drupal theme, to tweak it and adjust it till it turns into that visually-appealing and feature-rich theme that you have in mind

Drupal Maintenance & Support

So, you've launched your Drupal site and it's been a major success. Visitors keep flooding in, sales are booming...

But what if, in a year's time let's say you notice that:

  • its page load speed goes down?

  • a new minor version of Drupal gets released?

  • a critical security patch gets released?

  • there's this new functionality already implemented on most of the rivaling websites that you, too, have to integrate into your own Drupal website?

  • you realize that cyber-attacks have got more and more sophisticated and that your website's security shield has got kind of... outdated?

What then? Well, then we'll be right there to jump in and save the day as your Drupal development, maintenance and support team based in Toronto.

We'll be there to:

  • put together and implement a performance-boosting strategy perfectly adapted to the specific bottlenecks and vulnerabilities identified on your website

  • keep your website under close monitoring: there might be modules that grow deprecated or that just need updating, security issues emerging, new performance improvement opportunities unexploited

  • roll out any Drupal security patch as soon as it gets released

  • fix all detected bugs; you'll have at least one experienced Drupal developer in Toronto assigned to closely monitor your website and address any suspicious issue on the spot

Grant your in-house team the time and space they need to carry on with their innovative pursuits.

Let them work on your more current projects and let us handle all those mundane, repetitive tasks and less "glam" operations that go into a monitoring and maintenance plan.

But Why Us?

Because we base the whole process on short development cycles, “glued together” by constant feedback from our clients. Whether it's a complete, end-to-end solution that you need or just a Drupal team in Toronto to handle specific single tasks, such as:

  • implementing a specific functionality to your existing Drupal website

  • integrating it with certain 3rd party systems

  • migrating your current site's content to Drupal

  • boosting your current Drupal performance

…we're here to take the dare.

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