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Welcome to our apps innovation lab! We provide mobile app development

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Welcome to our apps innovation lab! It's here that our mobile app development team (or “app inventors", as they like to call themselves), run their little "experiments” turning clients' bold ideas into leading-edge apps.

Would you join us for a tour?

Mobile apps UX & UI: our first stop, during this virtual tour of the lab, is in the “usability sector”. It's here that our mobile app developers from our 3 offices, in Canada & USA

  • delve deep into user research
  • create user stories
  • user scenarios
  • user flows
  • and finally, design the user experience for our clients' iOS mobile app development projects.

And it's here that all the prototyping, mobile app usability testing, wire-framing and mock-up development “magic” happens. 

Mobile app development: next, we step by that corner in our hub of innovation where ideas shape into... applications. Native apps, web apps, cross-platform mobile apps, progressive web apps, enterprise apps, customer-facing apps, you name it.

It's in this very sector of our lab that our so-called “inventors” power their (and our clients') ideas with their expertise in working with Xamarin, Microsoft Visual Studio and the External Accessory framework (and the list can go on). And gradually turn them (the ideas) into apps:    

  • they build their solid infrastructures
  • they implement must-have user-centric features and functionalities meeting different scalability needs

... and so on till the very last step is completed: the app's delivery itself.

VR/AR app development: and this is the workstation in the OPTASY lab that simply bursts with innovation. Where fully immersive experiences are being designed using augmented reality and/or virtual technologies. Where our app developers get as boldly creative as our clients' own ideas of apps that they wish to engage their customers in.

AI-driven app development: where the power of artificial intelligence gets “injected” into the mobile and web smart apps that get created in this sector of our innovation lab

Mobile web development: our next stop is to that place in our lab where our team's helping clients' businesses... go mobile. Where their digital presence (e.g. their company websites) gets enriched with a mobile presence, as well.

Where skills, expertise in responsive design and experience with mobile-first development is being put together in the “experiments” that take place here and... mobile websites are being created.

Why Go With the OPTASY Lab Team?

1. Because our “specialty” is full-cycle custom mobile app development (web apps here included!):

  • mobile consulting
  • conceptualization
  • project architecture
  • prototyping
  • UI/UX design
  • Android app development
  • back-end integration/publishing on Google Play, App Store on Microsoft Store

2. Because we have the expertise and the experience to build both native and cross-platform apps: we encourage you to “dream big” and to reach out to multiple platforms with one app 

3. Because we embrace a rapid delivery approach: agile development, rapid prototyping and, continuous integration and continuous delivery (supported by frequent usability testing) is what enables us to deliver you results fast

4. Because we're “obsessed” with quality: this is why we run extensive tests throughout the life-cycle of your mobile app development project, detecting bugs in their “infancy” and collecting frequent feedback from you (so yes, do expect that, too, as our future client!)

5. Because we back up our passion for innovation with expertise in working the following:

  • programming languages: C#, .NET, Objective C, Swift, Assembly, 
  • programming platforms: Apple Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Android Studio, Monodevelop, Atom 
  • frameworks: iOS- External Accessory Framework
  • graphics editors: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Gimp
  • architectural modelling languages: Google SketchUp, Style Builder


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