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WordPress Development Services in New York

Challenge us with your idea and we'll turn it into a custom

WordPress-powered web solution, perfectly tailored to your needs.


Why WordPress?

Because it “lures you” with its simplicity, all while promising you a plethora of extensibility options. So, you can start small — with lots of built-in tools that turn the process of managing your content into a breeze — and grow as big as you want.

And all that, thanks to the literally thousands of plugins, extensions, themes, and add-ons that WordPress “spoils” you with.

Also, it's conveniently flexible: it can get tweaked and adjusted to meet all content management needs, functionality and design requirements. And this is where we, the WordPress website design team in New York, step in to turn your specific needs into a custom WordPress web solution.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Dreaming of a... WordPress theme that suits your preferences to the slightest detail? And you just won't settle for a ready-made one?

Then just dare to dream big! For we're ready to convert your PSD to WordPress, “handling it with extreme care, lest incorporating all the needed WordPress functionalities should impact its... awesomeness.

And we're also ready to craft a WordPress theme for you from scratch.

Why risking to have your website resembling other sites, when it could stand out? With your vision, our WordPress design team's experience and creativity and this platform's capabilities, we already have the right “ingredients” for custom-building that theme that suits you best!

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Custom WordPress Development in New York

Does your current WordPress website need any custom work, expert maintenance, and monitoring or further development?

Or maybe you're looking for an experienced WordPress development services provider to build a new one for you, from the ground up? A website that should meet your needs, fit your preferences and serve your goals?

Or is it a custom plugin that you need, for injecting some site-specific functionality? Or maybe you need us to handle a particular third-party integration for you?

If you can think it, we can develop it for you! Custom WordPress development is what we're good at, so do challenge us with your specific requirements.

How precisely do you need us to leverage WordPress's capabilities and our own experience for you?

And here are the areas of expertise that any WordPress developer in our agency excels in:

  • website design
  • third-party integration
  • WordPress plugin/extension development
  • custom-built theme coding (JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, HTML)

But this is probably the type of expertise that any WordPress team usually boasts with, right?

Now, what really sets us apart from the rest is that we set “ease of use” as the key goal for all of our web projects. Simplifying the content management process, even for the non-tech-savvy website admins, is both the challenge and the top objective that we focus on.

No matter the type of web solution that we might need to develop.

In short: tailoring a custom back-end solution that makes managing your website conveniently easy is our priority.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Can't seem to find precisely that functionality that you need no matter how many times you dive into WordPress's huge collection of add-ons and extensions?

You don't have to go with an “all-purpose”, second best plugin solution. We can build it for you...

A custom plugin that meets your specific needs, invested with the exact the functionality that you need to incorporate into your website.

Or maybe you've already found your plugin, but it just needs a bit of configuration and customization work to adjust its features to your specific needs? So that it serves precisely that purpose that you have in mind for it?

Or is it that some of the existing plugins on your website have started to “misbehave”? Are there any incompatible plugins on your website and you just need a team of WordPress experts to have a look and fix those compatibility issues?

Developing custom WordPress plugins and extensions for existing plugins has been the most frequent task in our web projects. So, whether it's:

  • a payment gateway integration
  • an extension to boost one of your existing plugins' functionality
  • a marketing automation tool that you need to integrate with your website
  • a custom database to connect it with

… we're here to take the challenge. There's basically no functionality that you can't add to your website, only WordPress development teams that can't build it and deliver it to you as plugins.

We're definitely not one of those teams so, feel free to “dare” us with your plugin idea!

But Why Us?

Why OPTASY over all the other WordPress development teams in New York?

Because we:

  • Are reliable. And expertise is useless when the "experts" are hardly ever available or/and don't have a strict deadline policy, right?
  • Practice continuous improvement; keeping our WordPress knowledge up-to-date is a top priority within our team
  • "Obsess" over quality.
  • Provide full transparency: you'll know both the costs and the deadline from day 1
  • Custom development is "our thing"

Keep things simple; we always simplify overly technical workflows for our clients

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