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Laravel Development Services in New York

It takes expert-level experience in leveraging and tweaking Laravel's

capabilities for the final website/web app to fit your needs perfectly.


Why Laravel?

Because it's faster and it flexes to your needs.


In short: this framework comes “equipped” with tools that ease and speed up the Laravel developer's work, as well as with extensive customization capabilities to suit your specific requirements.

If you dread the constraints of out-of-the-box solutions, this is the conveniently flexible framework designed to adjust to your needs.


Once its capabilities get properly leveraged by an experienced Laravel development team like ours, of course...

Should we add that it makes the perfect choice if it's a large and complex enterprise web application that you have in mind?

Laravel e-Commerce Web Solutions

Is it a robust e-commerce application capable to withstand high influxes of traffic that you have in mind? One with a ton of robust features, that can still incorporate future integrations, as well?

One that's highly customizable and scales up to your growing business needs?

We're the Laravel service provider in New York with the expertise needed for handling each aspect of your e-store: authorization systems, various payment solutions integrations, shopping carts, app-specific customization work...

Laravel — an ideally flexible framework — OPTASY — a Laravel development team experienced in customizing its out-of-the-box functionalities — and you, with your unique customization needs... we'll make a great team.

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Laravel Web Development in New York

Do you plan to migrate your current website to this PHP framework? Or maybe it's a highly scalable, complex web app that you have in mind? Or a perfectly custom-tuned website? Or a new extension that you wish to add to your website?

Maybe you just need to connect it to a specific third-party system?

No matter the nature of your web project, we're ready to take the challenge. In this respect, here are the web development services that we provide:

Laravel migration services

Decided to migrate your website to this PHP framework? No wonder! Now, let us take it from here: we'll handle your data as if it was ours...

Laravel website development

Just share your expectations with us: should your future website be custom-built and... further customizable? Should it scale up to your future needs? We're here to listen to and turn your specific web development requests into digital reality.

Custom web app development

“Stuffed” with robust features? Highly scalable and featuring an ideally modular and simplified code?

How do you want your web-based application? We're ready to tailor it to your needs!

Third-party app integration

Are there specific third-party applications/software that you need to connect your web application to? Let us handle it for you!

Laravel extension development

Dreaming of a unique feature for your web app? Of a new particular functionality? A penny for your thoughts...

We'll jump straight into building it and implementing it as an extension.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Developing a high-performant web-based application/websitethat suits your needs in the slightest detail is our key objective.

Still, the true challenge for any Laravel developer in our team is to future-proof its high performance. To constantly improve it...

And this is precisely what we commit to as your Laravel services provider:

Further enhancements or improvements

Do dare to... dream big! To wish for unique functionalities for your web-based application.

We're ready to enhance your app's capabilities so that it “accommodates” all your future feature needs, as well.

Regular backups

If trouble strikes, your files, and databases will be stored in a safe place: the Laravel native cloud system. We've got your back!

Ongoing website/app performance monitoring

Take our Laravel development team as your application/website's “surveillance system“. We'll detect any signs of performance drops way before they get to turn into “issues”.

And identify any suspicious activity that might raise security concerns.

Just think about it: having a team of Laravel experts at your service, keeping a close eye on your application/website!

Regular updates & maintenance

Keeping your web app properly updated and maintained is part of our “duties” as your Laravel support team. So, stay assured: we'll see that all software updates get run on time.

In other words: reaching high performance is a must, but maintaining it is crucial.
We'll make sure that once your website/web app gets launched, it stays protected from all threats risking to impact its security and performance level.

But Why Us?

The best way to answer this is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a team of Laravel enthusiasts or one of PHP and MySQL experts that you need?
  • Is it an “all-purpose” type of web solution or one tailored specifically to your requests that you expect your Laravel service provider to deliver you?
  • How important is it for you that your web app should be easy to maintain, easy to manage for future updates, as well?
  • How much do you value post-delivery services?

How much do you value transparency regarding costs, timescale, etc. in your partnering development team?

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