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Magento Development Services in Toronto

It's already robust, scalable, and ideally customizable. Still, it takes

an experienced Magento team to make it work for you…


Why Magento?

Because it's robust enough to “inject” with high performance into your online store and conveniently customizable, as well.

Robustness and flexibility: what more could you ask from the e-commerce platform powering your website?

But, let us detail a bit on Magento's main strengths:

  • it “spoils” you with a wide range of powerful, ready-to-use features

  • it ships with a conveniently intuitive admin panel that your content editors and admins will thank you for

  • it's completely customizable: you're free to see beyond its default functionality; to extend it with add-ons and new features that we're ready to custom-build for you

  • it scales like no other eCommerce platform: even if your current eCommerce website's a medium one, Magento's built to scale up and accommodate some truly robust selling machines

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

No wonder that you're considering migrating to Magento 2: if the first version of the platform was already surprisingly scalable and flexible, the second one is all that... multiplied by 2.

With a dramatically improved architecture, boosted performance and new powerful features, it makes the eCommerce platform that any Magento developers would advise you to go with.

Yet, the migration process itself can get tricky if you're not teaming up with the right eCommerce agency in Toronto. Safely moving your current:

  • theme

  • UI settings

  • products, catalog, pricing, invoices

  • plugins and custom-made extensions

… does call for an experienced Magento team. One that comes up with a solid migration plan and makes all the due adjustments so that your website fits perfectly into the new architecture.

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Custom Magento Web Development in Toronto

We confess: the “one size fits all” approach to Magento 2 website development doesn't suit our style.

Challenge us to:

  • custom-build a specific extension that you'd like to incorporate into your current online store

  • custom-design a theme that should fit your requirements to the slightest detail

  • find the best solution for seamlessly integrating Magento multi-vendor marketplace

  • come up with the best way for incorporating precisely the third-party services that you need

  • develop a custom Magento mobile app that should carry all the functionality you requested

Doing custom development is what we love, especially when it's such a flexible and highly customizable platform like Magento that we get to work with.

Still, don't think that it’s exclusively brand new Magento websites and apps that we build here. In this respect, feel free to challenge us to upgrade an already existing Magento website, as well:

  • to improve the user experience provided by injecting a whole new plugin

  • to do a full redesign and give your online store a whole new look-and-feel

  • to optimize its checkout process

Custom Magento Extension Development

No need to settle for the pre-built plugins and extensions on Magento Marketplace when... you can have your own custom ones built for you, right?

As already mentioned, we're an eCommerce website design team with a “weakness” for custom development. So, let's hear your wishes.

What unique extension or plugin, widget or feature do you have in mind?

  • a multi-currency extension?

  • a tailor-made translation system that should fit the context of your own?eCommerce website perfectly?

  • a widget that should trigger a website-specific functionality?

We sure love a good challenge: dare put your wish of a custom-made extension into words and we'll take it from there...

Follow-Up Support and Maintenance

Let's try an exercise of imagination: we will have already “handed you over the keys to your Magento website” and it quickly turns into a powerful selling machine.

Then... a series of costly cyberattacks shake the Magento community and everyone is desperate to run the latest security patches. To strengthen the shields around their online stores.

Or maybe your once a true “selling machine” type of website starts to... show signs of “fatigue”: its performance is slowly going down. Or maybe it's just that a new version of Magento gets launched and you need on reliable Magento services provider to run all the due updates on your eCommerce website.

That's when we, your dedicated support & maintenance team, step in to:

  • run regular performance audits of your Magento website and identify all areas of improvement and performance bottlenecks

  • keep your server’s performance under close monitoring

  • detect and address all security bugs and vulnerabilities as well as run all security patches in a timely manner

  • run regular data backups

  • provide you with all the needed support in selecting the best upgrades for your Magento website

  • balance your online store's overload

In other words: our job will be to future-proof your online store's success with high-quality Magento development services. Please note that we also provide Magento web design services in Vancouver.

To keep a close eye on it and make sure that it:

  • runs fast

  • is a safe place to be for your customers (they should feel confident enough to enter their sensitive data, right?)

  • is up to date and provides the best user experience

… many years from its launch day.

Why should you risk leaving your currently high trafficked eCommerce store with no long-term support and professional “surveillance” and jeopardize its future success?

And why should you overburden your own in-house team with tedious check-up and monitoring tasks?

But Why Us?

Why would you hand your project to our team of Magento ecommerce developers when there are so many highly qualified and experienced Magento development teams out there?

  • because we offer only tailor-made Magento-based e-commerce solutions

  • because we'll... stick around: we provide follow-up support and ongoing monitoring

  • because we're using an agile, result-oriented workflow: our development process stays flexible enough to accommodate all incoming changes along the way

  • because we have the Magento expertise needed to actually leverage the platform's impressive capabilities and, moreover, to adjust them so that they fit your needs exactly

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