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iOS App Development Services in Montreal

Easy-to-use, feature-rich, interactive, with elegant UI, and customized to meet your specific needs.

This is the “recipe” that we'll use when building your iOS app.


Mobile App Conceptualization

Having a fully-developed app concept before jumping to design is critical for its lasting success.

Therefore, this is the step of your iOS app development process where we flesh out all the details. How?

By running an in-depth business analysis of your market, studying your main competitors in the app store and putting together a profile of your target users — preferences, behavioral patterns...

We'll listen to all your functional and non-functional requirements and take note of your feature needs. In short: we'll focus on fully understanding the goals and the key purpose of your iOS app project.

It's only then that we start building your app's wireframe.

App UX & UI Design for iOS

A seamless user experience, guaranteed by a highly intuitive, simple to use UI...

This is our UX & UI team's main goal at this phase in your iOS app's development cycle.

And how will we achieve that? By strategically designing all the UX functionalities — feedback, navigation, authentication — so that the user's put in full control. So that a “transparent” kind of interaction is created.

All this while leveraging our experience as UI designers for iOS to make your mobile application look and feel native to the iOS platform. To make it comply with Apple's UI standards.

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Custom iOS App Development in Montreal

A sequence of several iterations, where we deliver updated versions of your iOS app in the form of demos. This is our approach to iOS app development.

A process that comes down to 2 major steps:

  1. coding: each iOS app builder at OPTASY assigned to your project will work on interfacing your app with the suitable third-party library
  2. testing: we'll then be testing it against multiple test cases, detecting and identifying any bug “lurking” there, any performance issues or discordances

And speaking of coding, it's at this phase of your iOS app's development cycle that we build its robust back-end, as well. One powerful and reliable enough to withstand the complex work of collecting, analyzing and sharing huge amounts of data.

“What about third-party integrations?” you might wonder. And legitimately so, since you might be using a whole ecosystem of third-party systems right now.

Rest assured: our New York team's expertise in building third-party integration solutions for iOS apps covers from:

  • connecting your app with analytics APIs
  • to integrating it with your social media networks
  • ... HRM, CRM, ERP, SCM or any other in-house third-party system you might be depending on

Next, we'll leverage our iOS app development know-how to face and handle all the other typical challenges to come (that we're already familiar with):

  • network speed
  • performance and memory limitations
  • cross-device compatibility
  • battery consumption etc.

“And what high-end features can you implement in my iOS app?”

Here are some of the most frequently required ones in our “menu”:

  • social media sharing
  • instant messaging
  • analytics
  • location-based check-in
  • search, booking, and management
  • Mapkit
iOS App Maintenance & Upgrade

Behind the long-lasting success of every popular iOS application in the app store there's a dedicated support, maintenance and upgrade team.

So, once you've launched your app and it turns out to be “the next best thing” app, consider... future-proofing its popularity, as well.

Luckily, our iOS development services cover all that goes into post-deployment, as well. A whole team, not just an iOS developer, will get assigned to constantly:

  • monitor your app's performance and security level
  • detect any suspicious activity and fix the identified bugs
  • maintain it in its tip-top shape: implementing new features, enhancing the “old” ones
  • upgrade it whenever a new version of the platform gets released

“Why bother?” Why shouldn't you just settle for an in-house team (or an in-house iOS app developer) put “in charge” of your app's real-time monitoring?

Because choosing our iOS app maintenance & upgrade services:

  • you'd save valuable time lifting off your shoulders the burden of keeping your app up and running and properly upgraded; you'd assign a team of experienced iOS app developers for this instead
  • you'd increase its availability
  • you'd significantly cut down any app's downtime
  • you'd have a “bunch” of iOS app development professionals monitoring it in real-time 24/7

And now, let's talk specifics! Here's what our post-iOS app development services cover:

  • migrating your app to the newest iOS SDK version
  • upgrading certificates
  • minor text/image tweaks
  • error monitoring and bug fixing
  • implementing new features

If long-lasting success for your iOS app is what you aim for, we're here to help you preserve it, enhance and... future-proof it.

But Why Us?

What makes our approach to iOS app development so... special to make you want to choose us over other companies?

  • all code is written in-house
  • we deliver custom end-to-end app products: from concept to maintenance
  • you'll have a team of specialized iOS developers assigned to your project (not just some app developers “familiar with” this platform, among other things)
  • we'll handle the whole app store deployment process: assets, descriptions, listing etc.
  • we provide post-deployment services, as well: real-time app monitoring, ongoing support & upgrade

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