What's New at OPTASY?

Have we got featured in a top listing leading web development companies (e.g. Clutch.co)?

Are we planning to pack our bags to attend a technology summit, a DrupalCon or maybe a conference for entrepreneurs? You'll be the first one to know, before we even get to book our flight tickets! Are there any press mentions of our company, of our work? If so, then do expect us to “brag about it” right here, on this page!

Are we welcoming a new teammate in our web department or in our lab of innovation? Stay assured: you'll get to know him/her from day one.

New testimonials boosting our confidence and rewarding our passion for what we do are coming in? We won't be keeping them to ourselves!

Are we preparing free resources for you (e-books, infographics...)? We might just “spoil the surprise” — while still working on them —  and upload a few “teasers” right on this page. Are we offering any promotions or discounts? Since this is (great) “news”, it'll show up on this very page, first things first!

Are we planning a website redesign, adopting a new (disruptive) technology or maybe start working on a project that we're particularly excited about? We'll be spreading the word via this news-dedicated page here! Is there any major industry news that we just can't help commenting on?

Then it's here that we'll be sharing our “steamy fresh” thoughts with you.

So, you get the point: this is where we keep you posted on the latest news involving/having an impact on OPTASY, both as a company and as a team.

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