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Magento Development Services in Vancouver

We develop tailor-made Magento-based e-commerce solutions that fit your

specific needs and deliver unique user experiences and measurable business results.


Why Magento?

Because it scales like no other e-commerce platform out there and it's fully customizable. It just doesn't get any more flexible than Magento...

And if these 2 reasons alone aren't enough, let us add some more:

  • it's open source
  • it comes with a conveniently user-friendly admin panel
  • it supports custom integration
  • it comes “overloaded” with tons of high-end, ready-to-use features
  • it also supports new, custom-made features "injected" in the form of site-specific extensions and plugins

No wonder that, in the e-commerce market of Vancouver, this platform's the leading choice for both e-commerce business owners (due to its scalability and powerful features) and e-commerce website design teams (for being ideally developer-friendly).

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

But maybe you already have an eStore running on this platform. One that you plan to level up to the more flexible, more modular, more... everything Magento 2.

We've got your back on this one, too! Our Magento services set include migrating e-commerce websites to the latest version of the platform, as well.

But, we dare to guess that: you're "overly" protective about your data...

You should be! And so will we, as we'll make sure that the whole migration process, that includes transferring:

  • data: pricing, orders, products, invoices, catalog...
  • UI settings and theme
  • custom extensions and different add-ons

… is no more than a smooth and seamless transition.

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Custom Magento Web Development in Vancouver

As a Magento development team, it's tailor-made e-commerce solutions that we provide, whereas full-cycle projects are our “specialty”.

But let's “talk facts”, shall we? Here's our almost complete set of services:

  • third-party service integration
  • implementation of various plugins and extensions existing on the Magento Marketplace
  • custom theme development
  • migration from other e-commerce platforms to Magento
  • Magento mobile app development

Now if you're already a Magento eStore owner and you plan to give your shop some custom work, to extend its current functionality, we're ready to help you out with:

  • pre-built theme customization services
  • custom extension development services
  • checkout optimization services
  • website redesign services

In other words: whether you need a team of experienced Magento ecommerce developers in Vancouver to build ecommerce websites or to customize and boost your current one's performance, we've got you covered!

Custom Magento Extension Development

What unique feature would you like to add to your eStore? What extra functionality would help you better meet your e-commerce goals and drive digital marketing success?

Is there a special plugin that you have in mind? One that you think that will boost your eStore'e performance? And improve the user experience that you deliver there?

We're here to listen and to... build precisely those custom extensions that meet your requirements exactly.

So, what should it be?

  • a blog integration?
  • a multi-currency extension, maybe?
  • a tailor-made widget?
  • a multi-lingual/translation plugin?

Let's see how your extension “wishlist” looks like! Custom Magento development is what we do here, at OPTASY, so do challenge our expertise and creativity.

Follow-Up Support and Maintenance

So, you've launched your new (or newly upgraded) e-commerce website. Now what?

How can you further enhance it and help it evolve? And what if trouble strikes so that its current security level is no longer appropriate for keeping your website fully protected from bugs and cyber attacks?

What if customers start to report performance issues on your online store?

Stay assured: we're the kind of team of Magento developers that... sticks around.

We'll be there to intervene and to assist you if:

  • you'll ever need a team of experts to give your eStore an in-depth checkup
  • you're counting on a support team that should be there to identify any security bugs and performance issues that might arise and to address them, obviously
  • … that should be there to closely monitor your eStore's health
  • you'll ever need guidance in choosing the best upgrades for your website; the enhancements that suit it perfectly
  • you'll need support with balancing the overload on your eStore
  • you'd like to have a team of professionals giving your sensitive data regular backups
  • … or to help you level up your eStore to a future version of this e-commerce platform
  • … or to give your online store regular full-audits

So, you get the idea: we're here to provide all the Magento development maintenance support needed for handling various post-delivery challenges.

If you:

  • are a future-oriented e-commerce business owner
  • want to future-proof your investment and revamp your digital marketing efforts
  • expect your online store to keep evolving, along with your future needs and business goals

… partnering with a team that provides post-deployment services, as well, is crucial.

But Why Us?

Why would you hand your Magento 2 website development project to our team of Magento developers when there are so many highly qualified and experienced Magento development teams out there?

  • because we offer only tailor-made Magento-based ecommerce websites and solutions
  • because we'll... stick around: we provide follow-up support and ongoing monitoring
  • because we're using an agile, result-oriented workflow: our development process stays flexible enough to accommodate all incoming changes along the way
  • because we have the Magento expertise needed to actually leverage the platform's impressive capabilities and, moreover, to adjust them so that they fit your needs exactly

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