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Staff Augmentation

Staying flexible is crucial for remaining relevant these days!

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Staff Augmentation: what if you could scale your workforce up and down just like that?

This way, you'd be able to easily adjust it to your projects' fluctuating needs. In fact, this is not a question of "What if?", but rather one of "Why wouldn't we?" And staffing — opting for staff augmentation services — is the most suitable solution here!

In this respect, we're ready to join your team and to strengthen it with precisely the needed influxes of talent and specific technical expertise that you various projects call for.

But What Is Staffing? Why/When Should You Consider Staff Augmentation

You can find the answers to your "what", "why" and "when" questions — regarding this outsourcing approach to project staffing — in this common scenario here:

You have a complex project looming ahead, one that requires certain skills and the IT expertise that your core team members don't have (yet). Moreover, you're not ready to commit to hiring in-house professionals, yet you don't want to lower your standards on quality or to miss the major business opportunities stemming from this project. Therefore, you opt for staffing, for augmented IT resources!

As simple as that! Staying flexible is crucial for remaining relevant these days!
In this respect, the OPTASY team is here to:

  • provide you with IT professionals with proven experience in working with precisely those technologies needed for your project(s)
  • provide you with those skill-sets that would solve your in-house skills shortage

In other words: we're ready to provide you with the resources — and therefore the confidence — that you need for tackling new, more rewarding projects.

Key Benefits & Features of Staff Augmentation

1. Cost-effectiveness

"No (costly) strings attached."

Meaning that you can take off all the costs and liabilities that come along with long-term commitments to experienced, skilled professionals: full-time salary, additional employee facilities, tax benefits, corporate overhead, you name it...

OPTASY's here to help you cope with your unexpectedly complex projects and tight timeliness! And therefore with your fluctuating staff and skill-set needs, as well.
Once you've successfully completed your project, we're off your back... no strings attached!

2. Time Efficiency

And speaking of tight timelines, they sure seem particularly aggressive when you're facing an in-house shortage of specific talents and technical experience, right?
Well, this is precisely why a staff augmenting strategy makes the best option when dealing with tight deadlines:

You take off the hiring process —the whole trouble of recruiting the right IT professionals in your area —and jump straight to... staffing and actually starting work on your project.

3. Rapid Access to A "Deep" Pool of Talent and IT Expertise

Facing a digital gap in your company? One that you just can't afford to fill and to bulletproof right now?
Our staff augmentation services are geared at identifying precisely the type of talents and expertise that your project needs and then to provide them/recruit them, for you!

4. Pricing Based on Volumes, Service Levels and Level of Expertise

We practice full transparency. Therefore, you'll know, right from the start, what you'll pay for; ranging from:

  • the level of expertise and of experience of the augmented resources
  • to the workload that your project implies
  • to the given location...

... all these pieces of information will get listed and fully detailed in your quote.

So you can able to plan the budget for your new project as accurately as possible.

5. Close Augmented Resources & Core Team Interactions

Our aim goes beyond that of delivering you the needed IT specialists: we'll see that they fully integrate with your core team. And this can't be achieved but through frequent interactions between them.

6. OPTASY Ensures that the Augmented Resources Report Regularly 

"Full transparency" should go hand in hand with "full control"Control both over your augmented resources and your project.

That being said, we'll see that the staff that we'll outsource — part of our staff augmentation services — have the strongest work ethics, which includes regular reporting to you on their work progress.


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