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WordPress Development Services in Toronto

Scalable, feature-rich, customizable... WordPress's all you wanted in a CMS and more.

And yet, it takes WordPress expertise to adjust it to your needs.


Why WordPress?

Because it's highly accessible, easy to use and customizable...

The revolutionary principle behind it — “democratizing publishing” — translated into plain English means that: you can get a fully functional WordPress website up and running in no time.

With little to no technical background needed.

Moreover, it scales like no other and it's conveniently flexible, so you can... start small and dream big. There's an overwhelming collection of:

  • plugins

  • extensions

  • free themes

  • add-ons

… that you can choose from and “inject” into your website in order to add more complex features and more powerful functionality.

And yet, for building a WordPress web solution that fits your feature needs perfectly you need an experienced WordPress development team.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

What's the point in incorporating powerful, custom-made functionality into your WordPress website only to opt for a theme used by... dozens of other websites?

Why go for an off-the-shelf WordPress theme when you can have one perfectly tailored to your brand's identity. To your own website's content and purpose.

In this respect, we're that creative and adaptable WordPress website design agency in Toronto that you need for:

  • turning your PSD into a WordPress theme that integrates all your functionality requirements without compromising your aesthetic preferences

  • crafting a WordPress theme from scratch for you; one that fits your unique vision to the slightest detail

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Custom WordPress Development in Toronto

What type of custom WordPress customization do you have in mind?

Is it:

  • a custom plugin that you'd want to integrate into your current website?

  • a tailor-made widget, maybe, carrying a website-specific type of functionality?

  • a custom WordPress theme that should be the perfect reflection of your brand?

  • a whole new WordPress website custom-tuned, from the ground up, to fit your specific needs?

  • a custom-made solution to seamlessly integrate a particular third-party service: a new payment gateway or maybe a marketing automation platform?

Feel free to share with us all your requirements in terms of custom WordPress development and we'll come up with the best-suited solution. Custom work is what any WordPress developer in our team does best.

And it's not just that we're always up for a good challenge that calls for “tweaking” WordPress to fit a specific list of requirements, digging out and exploring some of the platform's hidden capabilities.

It's that:

  • we have the experience and the expertise to handle any custom development scenario

  • we base our projects on a robust, well-established workflow: the discovery phase, the design phase, the coding and actual development phase, the testing and the ongoing maintenance phase

  • we put “ease of use” on top of our priority list

Therefore our main goal — to deliver you a custom WordPress web solution that fits your requirements perfectly — is closely followed by a second, equally important objective:

To make it conveniently intuitive to use and ideally simple for your in-house to administer.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

None of those ready-made WordPress plugins stores the exact functionality that you have in mind for your website? Well, then: we're ready to custom build it for you...

So, what should it be more precisely? Is it a plugin that should enable you to seamlessly integrate:

  • a custom database

  • a marketing automation software

  • a payment gateway

… that you need?

Or maybe you need a custom-made extension that should enhance one of your current plugins' capabilities?

You might as well be needing an experienced WordPress design team to make all the due adjustment to one of the plugins that you have already chosen. One that just needs a bit of precise tweaking in order to fit perfectly into your current website.

In order for you to use it at its full potential...

Or, let's guess: you've identified some compatibility issues among your current plugins and you need a WordPress development services provider to... give them a full analysis. And to come up with a solution for making them “play well” with one another?

Let's hear all about your functionality needs! We're ready to build it and deliver it to you in the form of a fully custom-made WordPress plugin.

No need to compromise and trade that powerful, unique feature that you have in mind for your website for the convenience of a pre-built plugin that doesn't fit your needs entirely.

Not when you can have a WordPress plugin storing precisely that robust functionality that you need. We have the experience, the expertise and the... enthusiasm to build it for you...

But Why Us?

Why OPTASY over all the other WordPress development teams in Toronto?

Because we:

  • Are reliable. And expertise is useless when the "experts" are hardly ever available or/and don't have a strict deadline policy, right?

  • Practice continuous improvement; keeping our WordPress knowledge up-to-date is a top priority within our team

  • "Obsess" over quality.

  • Provide full transparency: you'll know both the costs and the deadline from day 1

  • Custom development is "our thing"

Keep things simple; we always simplify overly technical workflows for our clients

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