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Virtual Reality Development

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Do come in! Step into our virtual reality game and app development studio! The place where we'll turn your dreams into virtual reality. Or, better said: into new opportunities for you to engage (new) customers with your products/services.


These are the best words to describe the highly scalable VR experiences that we're creating here, in the OPTASY Lab's VR studio:

  1. first, we create the story behind the user experience
  2. next, we bring your virtual app project (whether it's a 3D or a 360 degrees one) to life

And it's during this second phase of the virtual reality app development process that we:

  1. leverage our experience (and expertise) in working with a whole plethora of frameworks for multiple VR headsets
  2. leverage our experience in 3D digital imaging, visualization, 3D modeling, 3D content development

... to deliver you virtual reality content in the shape of a:

  • cross-platform VR app
  • 3D virtual game app
  • VR app for training and learning
  • virtual tour app   

And we're ready to add, to our list here, that custom virtual reality app that you'd like to engage your own customers in! So, what's it going to be?

But Why Us? Why should you have your project brought to life in our virtual reality studio here?

  1. because it's a CUSTOM-tailored immersive user experience (VR content and design) that our VR development team will build for you; customer-focused and brand-centric
  2. because interactive design is what we do: the visual content that we'll create for you has to look real, has to feel real and has to engage the user in visual storytelling

If you can imagine it, we can build it!


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