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iOS App Development Services in New York

From concept to design, to coding, testing, deployment and all the way to maintenance,

we're here to turn your idea into a best-selling app.


Mobile App Conceptualization

Behind every popular iOS app there's an effective conceptualization strategy.

Therefore, before we jump to the design process of your future mobile app, we'll sit down and listen to your project brief. We then collect all technical requirements and strive to fully understand your iOS app development project's purpose and key objectives.

Next, we'll engage in a focused research. We delve into your specific market, build your target audience's profile, analyze your competitors in the iTunes store...

Finally, we'll end up fleshing out all the details: all the high-end features and functionalities of your future iOS app. It's then that we can move on to designing the UX & UI of your app.

App UX & UI Design for iOS

Conveniently simple and intuitive... These are the 2 main goals for our UI design and UX teams in New York to reach when creating your iOS app's look and feel.

The resulting design has to be native to the platform and to deliver the best user experience.

Speaking of which, since we've already created your target audience's profile (behavior patterns and preferences), during the conceptualization phase, now it's time to leverage all that collected data.

To use it for perfectly tailoring all the UX elements of your app: from feedback to navigation, to authentication…

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Custom iOS App Development in New York

After prototyping comes... coding. It's that phase of your app's development cycle where we — every iOS app builder at OPTASY working on your project:

  • interface the code with the proper third-party library in order to meet users' expectations when it comes to your app's functionality (and looks)
  • we build a backend robust enough to take up all the workload off the app's front-end layer, making it lightweight and... fast-loading

Each iOS developer in our agency has gained the right experience and expertise in working with database and server technologies for architecting that robust backend for you.

One of the key app building phases that our iOS development services include.

It's at this phase of the app development process where our team handles all the due integrations, as well:

  • connect your iOS app with any in-house system that you might be using (ERP, SCM, CRM and HRM here included)
  • tailor all the needed methods for smooth third-party APIs integrations

And how precisely will it unfold? What to expect? “What's your approach to the app development cycle?” you might ask yourself.

We run multiple iterations...

That is: we'll plan each iteration together with you and deliver several demos of your app — with the newly implemented features — throughout the development process.

Speaking of which, here, have a sneak peek at our app features “menu”:

  • location-based check-in
  • instant messaging
  • geofencing
  • Mapkit
  • booking and management features
  • social media sharing
  • analytics and advertisements

And now, if we are to select some of the most frequent challenges with developing iOS apps, that we're experienced enough in handling:

  • network speed
  • cross-device compatibility
  • performance and memory constraints
  • battery consumption
iOS App Maintenance & Upgrade

How are you planning to “survive” on the ever-changing iOS app market? With new iOS versions being launched, the ever-rising expectations of the mobile app users, in terms of features and functionalities, fierce competition, security threats always “lurking in the dark”?

How are you planning to adapt your application to this ever-shifting context?

If you want it to remain... relevant, consider our long-term iOS app maintenance services. Here's why:

  • you'll have not just an iOS developer, but a whole team at your service, ready to handle all incoming updates
  • … to detect and to fix all bugs and performance issues
  • … to enhance your app's current features and to add new ones
  • … to refactor deprecated code
  • … to handle image/text tweaks
  • … to migrate your app to the latest version of iOS SDK

In short, if we are to articulate some of the main benefits that you can “reap” from having an iOS app development team providing your app ongoing maintenance:

  • you'd reduce iOS app downtime
  • you'd be maximizing its availability
  • you'd have a team of experts monitoring it in real-time
  • you'd save the time you'd otherwise invest/waste in keeping your app up to date and in tip-top shape

Launching “the next best thing” app is less challenging than preserving its popularity on a longer term. We're here to help you “future-proof” your iOS app's success.

To constantly improve its performance, enhance its functionality, enrich its feature set and to bug-proof it so that it remains “relevant” for many years to come.

But Why Us?

What makes our approach to iOS app development so... special to make you want to choose us over other companies?

  • all code is written in-house
  • we deliver custom end-to-end app products: from concept to maintenance
  • you'll have a team of specialized iOS developers assigned to your project (not just some app developers “familiar with” this platform, among other things)
  • we'll handle the whole app store deployment process ourselves: assets, descriptions, listing etc.
  • we provide post-deployment services, as well: real-time app monitoring, ongoing support & upgrade

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