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Innovation, open-source, personalization... These are but 3 of Acquia's hallmarks that we value most. The Drupal-based cloud-native platform that it provides enables us to create your next powerful digital solution. One that's robust enough to support a whole set of innovative features and flexible enough to handle personalization at scale.

And that's precisely the strongest reason why we're partnering with Acquia: its platform's unmatched scalability. We can start small, using its open-source content management system to power... start-up projects and we can stay assured that we can always grow them to enterprise-level. The platform's built to scale…

Acquia Cloud

A cloud hosting platform designed specifically for Drupal-powered websites. In this respect, it ships with all the tools needed for a smooth migration between different environments. And it provides the robust framework needed to constantly improve your Drupal app's/website's performance.

An all-in-one cloud environment for building, managing, optimizing and scaling your Drupal solution.

Key features:

All-In-One Development Platform

Acquia Cloud ships as a set of embedded developer tools, APIs, application services, environments, integrations, and hosting. In short: you get all the tools and services, right out of the box, to build, test, deploy and optimize unique customer experiences across a whole network of channels, devices, and screens.

Global Data Centers

+165 data centers all around the world... That's the type of infrastructure that your Drupal website will rely on. World-class reliability is another key reason, besides scalability, why we're proudly partnering with Acquia.

Pipeline Automation Tools

Running tests, provisioning test environments, adding new code... Streamline all testing and deployment processes by tapping into the pipeline deployment and automated testing tools that Acquia Cloud provides you with.

Custom Architecture Support

Tailor your cloud environment to your needs. Acquia Cloud supports fully customized architectures, so feel free to design yours to perfectly suit your preferences.

Acquia Lift

A powerful personalization tool that collects and leverages data from multiple sources. One enabling you to deliver highly personalized, in-context experiences on your Drupal website or across your whole network of channels or devices accessing the API.

Main Capabilities:


A powerful feature to tap into for dividing your audience into multiple different groups. This way, you can tailor your content accordingly, target specific segments of users and deliver them group-specific experiences.

Real-time Profiling

Collect data in real-time, of both anonymous and of identified visitors on your Drupal website. This way, no matter how frequently your audience might change, your personalization strategy stays up to date, “fueled” by “steamy fresh” user data.

360 User Profiling

Acquia Lift enables you to build complete profiles of your website's visitors. And that means gaining clear insight into their preferences and leveraging relevant demographics data, as well. It's only with such full, multi-leveled user profiles at hand that you can create perfectly targeted, rich experiences that convert.


Acquia Journey

An omnichannel tool that you can use to map out your customers' journeys and to easily orchestrate your entire network of marketing technologies from one central HQ.

The results? A targeted, relevant and highly personalized customer experience, leveraging all the key data that you’ll have collected while tracking the user's journey.

A seamless experience delivered on all channels, any connected device, web browser, e-commerce app, and even brick-and-mortar store, since Acquia Journey acts as a central place for managing all your different marketing systems from.

Top Features:

Real-Time Customer Data

Perfectly targeted user experiences delivered at precisely the right time... Acquia Journey integrates adtech and martech tools and provides you with a complete profile of your users. This way, you can adjust your content in real-time, based on the users' actions, demographics, and other key customer data, relevant for each channel and each touchpoint in his journey, now centralized in a single place.

Centralized Customer Data

With one central storage location for all your customer data retrieved from multiple sources, creating 360-degree user profiles gets significantly easier. Just tap into this valuable data center, storing data on both prospects and loyal customers and create perfectly targeted, context-based user experiences.

Real-Time Optimization

Acquia Journey taps into AI to help you automate all your customer profiling operations and trigger relevant, contextual and highly personalized content in real-time.

Acquia & Google Analytics

Analytics & web personalization. The powerful “combo” that we're ready to tap into and make the most of so you can deliver personalized experiences that drive results.

In this respect, rely on our expertise in leveraging Google Analytics 360 capabilities and our experience in exploring Acquia's journey design and personalization features. Combined, our 2 types of expertise enable us to collect all the most relevant analytics data and insights on personas and to use them for “fueling” the user journeys on your website/application.

So that you can go beyond “just” personalized experiences and start delivering perfectly targeted, insight-driven... personalized experiences instead.

Main Benefits

Connect All Your Data Sources

By tapping into Acquia Journey's customer tracking features, we can retrieve the most relevant user data from various data sources. This way, we're able to identify key experiences in the user's journey and key audience segments way quicker. With that data at hand, we can align all the involved channels accordingly.

Deliver Perfectly Targeted Content

By tapping into Google Analytics and web personalization we can identify different behavioral personas. Next, targeting and re-targeting your content for those specific personas and running different experiments in this respect becomes way smoother.

Deliver Consistent On-Site and Off-Site Experiences

By tapping into Google Ads and Acquia Lift we can align touchpoints with the needs and interests of specific individuals visiting your website. This way, you can provide them with a consistent and synchronized targeted experience, across on-online and off-online channels.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory

A platform where you can easily create, deploy, update, and manage hundreds or thousands of websites on a global scale.

Key features:

A single dashboard for your multi-site infrastructure

In short: the platform provides you with a console/single dashboard/central view — no matter how you may want to call it — to create, update and manage all your media-rich websites. A central place for you to orchestrate your entire ecosystem of sites.

One database for running updates across all your websites

Just imagine: you get to mass-update dozens, hundreds or even thousands of websites from a single database. 

Do you need to apply a new feature, add a new module, deploy a new function at a global scale? Having a central database for all your websites not only that streamlines the updating process, but it removes a handful of security risks, too.

Workflow tools to boost efficiency and encourage collaboration 

This digital factory platform provides you with:

  • a robust role-based permission system
  • powerful workflow tools that give your developers more control over your multi-site infrastructure
  • ... and empower your marketing team to create and market digital experiences at scale
  • smart workflow tools that encourage collaboration among the IT and the marketing team

One-Click Website Creation

Setting up and duplicating websites is at one click's distance. A feature particularly significant for all the non-technical people in your team (see digital marketers), who can now create new websites with no technical resources whatsoever.

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