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You've reached the artificial intelligence software development section of our lab! This is where we breathe life into your big data which, otherwise, is nothing more than an amorphous pile of... numbers.

Where we harness the power of AI and turn it into actionable intelligence for you to leverage.

Do you already have an idea or just a “spark” about how to turn AI-based software into business value for your organization? Or maybe you already visualize the results that you want to achieve:

  • to automate all those (currently) repetitive, manual operations across all departments; hence, to boost productivity
  • to gain quick and easy access to your data and make data-driven decisions only
  • to have your data automatically turned into actionable insights that you can leverage: raw data turned data power at your fingertip
  • to add an extra layer of physical and digital security to your business, taking human error out of the equation
  • to have an artificial “brainpower” automatically monitoring your business' overall performance

Well, this is precisely what we do here, in the OPTASY Lab (including both our New York and our Oakville, Ontario innovation hubs): we harness the power of AI to build specifically that artificial intelligence software solution that you need!

And it's not our enthusiasm for next-generation technologies that qualify us as the AI app development company for you to team up with, but our proven expertise in:

  • advanced analytics
  • machine learning
  • AI

Expertise (and don't forget our enthusiasm and “weakness” for innovation challenges) that we're ready to invest in your future:

  • machine-learning app empowering you with all the insights that you need for taking fail-safe business decisions only and for making data-driven predictions
  • machine-learning app empowering your customers, too, to make data-driven  decisions only; AI-driven apps delivering personalized user experiences based on their previous interactions
  • highly interactive chatbot geared at helping you cut down costs and enrich the whole user experience
  • AI-powered personal assistant app
  • natural language processing (NLP) app supercharged with language and user intent recognition capabilities; basically, we have the experience and the expertise to create any type of AI-powered app that should interact with your customers using touch sensing, language/voice (and therefore “intent”, too) recognition and programmed decision making

Let us handle all the “backstage” complexities that leveraging artificial intelligence for AI app development involve and deliver you an easy-to-use, elegant AI software solution.

Now let's hear your idea: how do you plan to use artificial intelligence to reach your most ambitious business goals?


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