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Digital Strategy

Without a strategy in place, there's no clear scope!

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Without a strategy in place, how could you even claim that you have a clear scope? It's always a solid digital strategy that drives performance. It's a well-defined roadmap that helps you/us build with purpose. 

And the whole purpose of a solid digital strategy is NOT choosing the right technology for your project, but delivering the best user experience across channels! That's what it all comes down to.

That's how you build trust, how you deliver on your brand's promise and... turn your users into recurrent users.

So, how do you plan out a great web/mobile user experience? 

By basing your whole digital strategy on these 3 key pillars:

  • technology
  • digital marketing
  • UX

And this is precisely what our digital strategy service provides you with: a dedicated cross-functional team and digital marketing agency in Toronto leveraging the best of:

  • digital marketing
  • web/mobile technologies
  • web & mobile design

How will their “To-Do” list look like?

  • to collect all the needed requirements, using the most effective techniques for helping you clearly articulate your needs 
  • to define the project's/your product's ultimate scope
  • to assess your current website's performance and SEO: it's an insight-driven digital strategy that we'll be building, capitalizing on all web analytics at hand
  • to put together your project's technical architecture: how your entire digital ecosystem should look like when it comes to costs and depending on the chosen platform
  • to set up a content strategy: auditing, inventorying your existing content, determining weak points and defining the steps to content optimization 
  • to identify which and how specific technologies can support your organization's goals and objectives and your product's scope, too
  •  to develop a long-term data management strategy
  •  to set up a clear “objectives vs benefits” roadmap

Tasks which all have one main purpose: to create the digital strategy that will help you reach your goal. That of delivering the best user experience, whether it's a new website or a leading-edge app that you want us to build.


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