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Looking for a team of experts in WordPress maintenance instead of one of the WordPress enthusiasts?

Do you have specific WordPress site maintenance needs instead of generic ones and you need a team agile enough to adapt and to handle them?

Do you need a team flexible enough to come up with custom WordPress development and design solutions tailored to your needs? Instead of one trying to impose their expertise on your own vision?

Then you might have found that highly adaptive, full-service WordPress partner you were looking for!

Scan through our “menu” of WordPress maintenance plans and custom development services and feel free to put together your own personalized package:

WordPress Site Maintenance & Support Services

Starting with the first site performance audit, following with the critical updates and the on-going maintenance and support procedures, our team of expert WordPress developers will turn into the team of expert WordPress developers at your service!

Here are our WordPress support services in detail:

Regular updates including:

  • theme updating: we'll keep your website up to date with the latest usability improvements and with the monthly released features, as well
  • WordPress core updating: we'll manually remove all the outdated and vulnerable core files, replacing them with the latest released ones
  • plugins updating: we'll manually update your obsolete plugins

On-going maintenance of your website's key components is part of our WordPress support plans:

  • database: regular cleanups which imply the removal of all the unnecessary tables “piling up” in your database, that will eventually make your website sluggish
  • files: constantly monitoring your deleted/changed/newly added files for tracking down the ones responsible for any suspicious activity on your website
  • plugins: regular updates (we'll ensure that they're running the latest version, we'll remove the unused ones, etc.) of all the WordPress plugins on your website is crucial for keeping it running smoothly
  • WordPress core: we'll see that your core files are kept current and (most of all) up-to-date with the latest security updates (since ignoring/underestimating the importance of constantly updating the core files is the main cause of most cyber attacks)

Consultancy and Support:

  • our WordPress maintenance plan includes an in-depth audit of your website: we'll be “delving” into your current website's content, we'll then run a security audit, as well, tracking down its vulnerabilities (if any), we'll be analyzing the technology used (meaning the plugins currently used, the hosting provider, how developer-friendly its code is)
  • website performance analysis: our WordPress maintenance service includes also testing your website's page loading speed 
  • issuing a report pointing out the best optimization measures to take
  • training services: we're ready to empower you with all the needed WordPress information so that you can seize and maximize your website's full potential
  • fixing all the occurring theme and plugin issues: ranging from plug-in conflicts to anything weird going on with your WordPress theme, to errors caused by the newly released versions that you've tried to install on your website. We've got your back!


  • security audit: is your current code hacker-proofed? how strong is your current password policy? is your currently used software safe enough for your customers? have you taken all the WordPress measures ensuring that your current website runs smoothly and incident-free?
  • proactively website monitoring: we'll keep a close eye on your plugins, core files, and theme, focusing on anticipating the causes of any imminent suspicious activity, rather than waiting to fix the unwanted results
  • clearing the detected malware and viruses: we'll promptly remove any detected malware, next our experts will make all the needed repairs and safeguard your website from other future similar attacks
  • securing your web server and database: setting up database permissions, keeping them up-to-date with the latest security updates, identifying and solving issues where multiple users with access to your website's service overwrite each other's data
  • regular database and files backups: we'll agree upon the most suitable WordPress maintenance plan for performing regular backups of both your files and your database

WordPress Custom Design & Development Services

Whether you need a team to build the digital reflection of your company or one to make all the desired adjustments to your current website, we're that 2-in-1 WordPress maintenance service team to rely on! Here's how we can support your initiatives:

  • WordPress setup: installing and configuring all the needed WordPress plugins and add-ons
  • Custom building your new website to your own web design
  • Custom designing your website
  • Custom theme and custom plugin development: “custom” is the word when you want to associate your web presence with a unique image (responding both your own needs and your audience's needs and expectations), and “custom” is, again, the right term to define a newly built plugin that should add specific functionality to your website, one that neither the free nor the premium plugins in WordPress can't offer you. Luckily, “custom” and “personalization” are the best words to define our own WordPress support services, as well!
  • Adding a new custom feature to your existing website (whether it's a new functionality that you need to turbocharge it with or adjusting an existing plugin)

WordPress Migration

OK, so you've just made the hard decision: migrating your website from its current platform to WordPress. Good for you!

Now you must be facing the real challenge: transferring all your files, your database and all the other vital components of your website to WordPress. With no compromise on your site's current functionality and its familiar design whatsoever!

Stay assured! Our WordPress migration “kit” includes all the must-take steps to take for a smooth migration process, plus the subsequent ones, specific to any website that we migrate.







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Support for 1 Site
Same-Day Critical Security Updates 
Monthly Security Updates
Monthly Module Updates
Monthly Broken Link Scan 
Monthly Security Scan 
Monthly Manual Site Check
Monthly Speed Test 
Offline Updating  
GIT Version Control 
Detailed Work Notes  
Testing After All Updates
Security Guarantee  
Hack/Malware/Down Recovery  

Daily Offsite Backups

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Unlimited Website Repairs & Fixes*   
Unlimited Website Updates*   
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