Inject enterprise-level performance into your website.

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Performance designed to power heavy infrastructures carrying up to hundreds of Drupal/WordPress websites... That's the level of performance that we can “inject” into your website (or network of websites), as a Pantheon partner.

A hosting provider designed to meet the above the average performance needs of large companies. Designed to enable you to focus on planning and perfecting your enterprise-level web experiences while it handles the rest.

But high page loading speed is not the only thing that you'll get. Add a reliable infrastructure, great customer service and ease of use technology. Not to mention the powerful built-in tooling needed for building and maintaining your website.

And there's more: great scaling capabilities, agility guaranteed by its container-based system and reliability. When sudden fluxes of traffic hit your website you can rely on its robust infrastructure to withstand it.

Top Features:

  • High Performance

  • Multi-Site Dashboard

  • Powerful Development Tools

High Performance

No wonder that Pantheon's considered “the fastest hosting platform on the planet”. It's designed, from the ground up, to support some of the heaviest infrastructures of websites.

With great caching capabilities and SSDs, a tuned database and top performance PHP, Pantheon's built to score the best response time. Even when dealing with high trafficked and content-loaded networks of WordPress or Drupal websites.

Multi-Site Dashboard

Rolling out new features to dozens or hundreds of websites gets streamlined with Pantheon. It provides a unique central dashboard that you can use for updating, developing, maintaining and securing your entire network.

For communicating with your developers and your clients and managing team access, as well.

A single interface for tracking all your Drupal/WordPress projects and for starting out new ones can only translate into loads of time saved and a highly efficient development team, no matter how large…

Powerful Development Tools

Pantheon's a developer-friendly hosting platform, that ships with great tooling, great support for multi dev environments and built-in workflow. In other words, developing and deploying new features and adding new content to gets significantly streamlined.

And this is one of the key reasons why we've partnered with them: it enables us to manage existing websites and to set up new multi-user projects simultaneously.

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