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WordPress Development Services in Montreal

WordPress is great, but we can make it great for you!

We can "tweak" it and enhance it till it perfectly fits your needs.


Why WordPress?

"Why wouldn't you choose WordPress?" That is the right question.

Since it's: conveniently ease to use, flexible, open source, with a thriving community backing it up, that keeps "piling up" new and new features and functionalities for you to choose from.

And we can't leave out probably the strongest reasons for opting for this CMS: it's highly customizable! There are +1.5 billion customizations out there: plugins, extensions, themes, add-ons for you to just scan through, select, grab and deploy.

"There is a plugin for it." is more than just a catchphrase.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with third-party systems: HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, you name it.

Need more reasons?

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom, custom-tuned, customization... these are the words that best describe our approach as a WordPress design team. We hate the "just make one size fit them all... somehow" philosophy.

Therefore, we're highly adaptable: to all your requirements in terms of design, to different design processes.

Do you already have a PSD that you need to convert into a WordPress theme? Just say the word "convert" and we'll jump right in, making sure the result will be pixel perfect and working flawlessly!

Or, we can build one for you from scratch... A theme perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Custom WordPress Development in Montreal

Let us hear your idea! Is it a website-specific plugin that you need? Or maybe a custom theme? Or you need your current website to easily and seamlessly integrate with social media or with an automated marketing automation platform?


There is no WordPress developer in our in-house team here, at OPTASY, that can't handle pretty much any type of web project involving this CMS. So, do challenge us with your idea and we'll come up with and implement a custom solution for it.


And it's not just our expertise that turns us into the best WordPress website design team to handle your project, but our efficient methodology, as well. A 5-phase one:

  1. the discovery phase, where we identify and evaluate your needs and specific requirements
  2. the design phase, where we handle the “looks” of your website, either by converting your PSD into a theme or by tailoring a shiny and new one for you
  3. the website development phase
  4. the meticulously testing phase
  5. the ongoing maintenance phase

And still, what makes our WordPress development services stand out is a particular consideration for the user experience. We build websites that are easy to use both by the end user and by your own team assigned to administer it in the back end.

And that's what helps us... stand out. We don't just build websites that work, that are wow-worthy and “packed” with great features. We build sites that are... easy to use and simple to manage!

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Do you have a specific functionality in mind that you'd like to “inject” into your website? One that would meet your ever-growing business needs? And you haven't yet “tracked it down”, no matter how deep you've dug into the huge pile of free plugins?

Or maybe you'd just want to enhance one of the existing plugins on your current website with an add-on? And to extend its functionality? Has any of your plugins “behaved” strangely lately and you need us to have a closer look, to ensure that it still provides the functionality that it's supposed to?

Or have you detected compatibility issues between some of your plugins and you need us to “intervene”? To adjust some of those features so they “play well together”?

Are there specific external API services or payment gateways that you'd like to “plug in”? Custom databases, CRM software platforms or maybe a specific marketing automation software?

Let's talk about your plugin “wish list”! What's that unique feature that you'd like to integrate to your website?

No need to settle for second best, for an “all-purpose” solution. Developing custom-tuned plugins is one of our “specialties” as a WordPress development services provider, you know. So, do challenge us with your idea!

We're ready to take note of it, evaluate it and build that site-specific functionality that you need and to “inject” it in as a... plugin. Then, we'll keep monitoring its performance.

But Why Us?

Why OPTASY over all the other WordPress development teams in Montreal?

Because we:

  • Are reliable. And expertise is useless when the "experts" are hardly ever available or/and don't have a strict deadline policy, right?
  • Practice continuous improvement; keeping our WordPress knowledge up-to-date is a top priority within our team
  • "Obsess" over quality.
  • Provide full transparency: you'll know both the costs and the deadline from day 1
  • Custom development is "our thing"

Keep things simple; we always simplify overly technical workflows for our clients

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