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Why Laravel?

This PHP framework still is relatively “young” compared to its “competitors” available on the market, so you should be asking yourself this question.

Our answer is that “Laravel is, indeed, the right web development solution for YOUR company if the goals that you set for your web project are”:

  • consistency
  • high-performance
  • fast development time (and therefore cost-effectiveness) without compromising high-quality
  • stability and ease of maintenance

If so, then you've just found the answer to the "to Laravel or not to Laravel?" dilemma yourself!

Now, to back up your own arguments, let us outline a few other reasons why Laravel is the right web development platform for your own business in particular:

  • thanks to its MVC architecture (the “Model View Controller” design pattern, which separates any form of app into its 3 main components- content, presentation and data-processing- for ease of maintainability and extensibility) where model interacts with your database in order to retrieve information, it enables rapid web development (leading, inevitably, to lower costs)
  • it's modular, so think customization and think extensibility, as well; think of Laravel as a framework that will empower your web app/website to grow, exponentially, in the same rhythm of your business, scaling to your organization's future objectives
  • it's an open source development framework, therefore you'll have a whole active dedicated community “at your service”
  • it's already equipped with powerful out-of-the-box functions (social login integration, authentication and authorization, layered caching scheme, unit testing etc.), which reduces the usual “overload” of code and the number of hours invested in completing complex tasks: web development is done easier and significantly faster!
  • it's written in an expressive, simple syntax, making it easy to use and to deploy
  • it handles errors and login dynamically
  • it powers self-adjusting web apps
  • it “spoils” you with flexible database migration options
  • it comes with pre-built templates to choose from
  • it enables a version control for your database

And we should stop here, for the list of business justifications for using Laravel as the development framework for your next website/web app project could go on and on...

Our Laravel Development Services


This is, reduced to its 4 key development phases, how our future collaboration will look like. We'll be drafting (based on the first “chat”/s that we'll have), crafting, developing and implementing our Laravel-based solutions.

And turn them into your own organization's high-performant, sophisticated web apps or websites.

Now, allow us to wash away all the vagueness of this short presentation of our services and go into detail about what precisely we can do for you as a team of Laravel developers:

  • Consultancy & Strategy: no “healthy” web development process could skip these two key preliminary steps and we're ready to give them their due importance
  • Migrations & Upgrades: including both a smooth migration of your site from its current framework to Laravel and a time-effective, performance-boosting upgrade from its current version of Laravel to a more recent one
  • Laravel web app development: putting together stress-free coding, the built-in features that this platform “spoils” developers with and our own team of Laravel developers' own expertise, you'll have your interactive, feature-packed, fully functional web app in no time
  • Laravel e-commerce development: whether it's an eCommerce website or an eCommerce app or both that you need to escalate your online presence with, we're here to leverage Laravel's unmatched capabilities and robust features for helping you achieve this goal
  • Theme Design & Integration: it's not just the ideal functionality of your future site/web app that we can implement, but its look and feel, too (and in this respect, when it comes to layout designing it's on Laravel's default template engine, Blade, with its “power tools” and its clean and elegant syntax, that we'll rely on for simplifying the code we'll write in our view); our developers will strive to craft and then integrate your functionality-enhancing, user-centered theme, as well
  • 3rd Party API Integration Services: do dare to wish for more, to enrich your web app's functionality, for we've got your back; our team's ready to seamlessly incorporate third-party APIs into your Laravel web app
  • Laravel extension development: being an open-source PHP framework (therefore an ever-evolving one) and thanks to its modular structure and, of course, to our experience in working with its modules, we're empowered to keep extending your company website's/app's functionality
  • Laravel-based CMS Development: point out to us your team(s)'s content management needs and our developers will deliver you that robust Laravel-based CMS solution to perfectly suit them
  • Laravel-based custom solutions: it's this framework's capabilities (lots of pre-built features, modular structure) and our own passion for web development that empower us to get creative, to custom-craft your own web development solutions
  • Support & maintenance: don't think this is a one-time collaboration; we're ready to commit to an ongoing collaboration, to ensure that your app's/site's constantly up-to-date and safely backed up

In other words: we'll be your reliable and excellency-oriented Laravel partner throughout your web app/website's development life-cycle and beyond!

Why Us? 

Well, first of all, because we won't waste your money or our time developing one-size-fits-all Laravel-based web solutions! That wouldn't get you too far ahead of your competition nor will it boost our self-confidence as a team of expert Laravel developers now would it?

Requirement-specific, custom web development is our “speciality”!
Moreover, we take proud in using an agile methodology here, at OPTASY, backed up by a total transparency in our relationship with your clients. Therefore, expect to be able to keep a close track of your ongoing website/web app project thanks to our client-centric project management system.

We're highly adaptable to your future requests and to your own PMS (as we can create and work by our own PMS, as well). We're ready to scale our expertise and experience to both small and large-scale web projects.

If you're still sceptical, just take us for a “test drive”!

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