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iOS App Development Services in Vancouver

From concept to maintenance, we have the skills and experience to turn

your idea into a best-selling iOs app and future-proof its success.


Mobile App Conceptualization

Concept before design. Always!

An effective conceptualization strategy stands for an app's solid foundation and is responsible for its long-lasting success.

Therefore, any iOS developer, iOS builder, business analyst, UI/UX designer in our team takes this particular phase in your app's development process really seriously.

“But what do you do precisely?” you might ask yourself.

So, let's talk specifics!

From taking note of your requirements and specific feature needs, to running an in-depth research of your target market and of your main “rivals” in the app store... we collect all the data needed to flesh out your project's details.

From unique functionalities to high-end features, to main objectives...

App UX & UI Design for iOS

With all that critical data related to your target market now at hand — user preferences, behavioral patterns etc. — it's time to turn it into... gold. To leverage it for designing your app's conveniently simple and highly intuitive UI.

One delivering the best user experience and complying with Apple UI's standards...

In this respect, the goal of our iOS app development team and Magento agency in Vancouver, the one responsible with creating your app's UI, could get summed up to this: engineering a seamless user experience.

One enhanced by “transparent” interaction patterns: navigation, feedback, authentication and all other elements strategically designed with the best UX practices in mind.

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Custom iOS App Development in Vancouver

Once we've crafted the “looks” and “engineered' the experience, it's time to focus on functionality (s), as well. To delve into coding your iOS app.

This is that phase of the iOS app development cycle where we:

  • build a robust back-end leveraging our hands-on experience in working with various server and database technologies
  • interface your app with the right third-party library
  • develop and implement all the features fleshed out in the conceptualization phase of the process

Speaking of which, you may be wondering what features and functionalities we can add to your app. Here are just a few examples:

  • instant messaging
  • geofencing
  • Mapkit
  • social media sharing
  • instant messaging
  • search, booking, and management
  • location-based check-in
  • video streaming

It's also that step of the process where every iOS developer in our team is co-opted to come up with the most suitable third-party integration solutions:

  • any in-house third-party system that you might be currently using (ERP, HRM, CRM, SCM)
  • your social media networks
  • analytics APIs

In short: we'll put together the most efficient methods for integrating different APIs crucial for your app project's goals.

“How will the whole process look like?”

Like a sequence of iterations. With every new feature/functionality “injected” into your app, we'll deliver you a demo to test and give us feedback to.

The challenges that we expect during the iOS app development process? From

  • battery consumption
  • to cross-device compatibility
  • to network speed
  • and memory/performance constraints

… we're already familiar with them all.

iOS App Maintenance & Upgrade

OK, so you've launched your iOS app, which is now delivering unexpectedly good results. Then:

  • a new version of the platform gets released and you need to upgrade (obviously)
  • some of the current features need to get further enhanced
  • you want to add new high-end features to your app
  • … to “inject” some innovative functionalities
  • the images/text in your app need some tweaking

And the list of possible scenarios that you might be challenged with a while after launching your app is endless. How will you handle them?

The most effective way is to go with our post iOS development services. To rely on our app maintenance, support & upgrade team.

What will they do? What does our post-app-store-deployment set of services cover?

  • refactoring deprecate code
  • updating certificates
  • adding new features and functionalities
  • performance and security issues monitoring
  • bug fixing
  • upgrading to the latest iOS version
  • updating text/images

In a few words: we'll handle all that goes into future-proofing your iOS app.

Since once you've released your iOS app and it has turned into a best-selling one, the new challenge becomes: preserving (and enhancing) its success. Its high performance and level of user engagement.

And you can easily achieve that by teaming up with our professionals providing you ongoing support and app maintenance.

A team that will “watch over” 24/7, detect and address any issue that might arise. One assigned to constantly improve it and keep it relevant and competitive on an ever-changing iOS app market.

But Why Us?

What makes our approach to iOS app development so... special to make you want to choose us over other companies?

  • all code is written in-house
  • we deliver custom end-to-end app products: from concept to maintenance
  • you'll have a team of specialized iOS developers assigned to your project (not just some app developers “familiar with” this platform, among other things)
  • we'll handle the whole app store deployment process: assets, descriptions, listing etc.
  • we provide post-deployment services, as well: real-time app monitoring, ongoing support & upgrade

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