Selected Projects

As you'll see — digging through this collection of Drupal sites and mobile apps that we invested our web expertise and passion for the latest technologies in — we have a "guilty" weakness for challenges and diversity!



Just imagine: THE most prestigious awards in the world, in the field of human rights, and us being granted the honour to give the corresponding website a performance boost!

And a traffic boost, as well, by improving the user experience provided there, making it easily accessible for visitors all over the globe. We won't lie to you: the honour was directly proportional to the overwhelming responsibility that we came along.

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Covid Trials Canada

is a non-profit initiative supported by Think Research, the leading provider of cloud-based clinical solutions in Canada. is the first patient portal developed to streamline the recruitment process of volunteers willing to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials.

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Mechanics Hub

Mechanics Hub is the largest recruiting company for diesel mechanics and heavy equipment technicians in North America.

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