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Responsive Web Development

You can no longer call yourself a “visionary” in your industry if you decide to “dive into” mobile development, to go for a responsive design for your company’s website! You’re just being realistic!

We’re here to make the transition as smooth and as seamless for you (if you already have a website) as possible or to help you boost your business (traffic, rankings, sales etc.) with a brand-new site featuring a user-centered responsive design!

But first, let’s make it clear why you should consider adding “the responsiveness factor”, as well, to your website’s design (along with all its other qualities: functionality, beautiful, clean design, user-friendliness, SEO-optimization) after all:

  1. It’s cost-effective. Just think about it: you’ll have just one single site (just one URL) to fit all mobile devices and desktops. Therefore, one single SEO campaign to monitor on all the devices, one single update to run when due time.
  2. It would grant you more traffic. No need to “beat around the bush” too much here, for it’s obvious: simply add, to all the desktop users landing now on your website (in case you already have one), all the future ones who will reach your website from their mobile phones or tablets.
  3. It reduces your bounce rate (thus reducing the risks of witnessing Google put your website at the back of the list).
  4. Search engines will love it! That’s right, Google appreciates websites focusing on improving user experience, so happy users (“happy” to be able to reach your fits-all-devices website whenever they want/need to, from their mobile devices, too) means a better ranking in Google.
  5. It will increase your sales. Again, it’s straightforward: since your customers will be able to access your e-commerce website while they’re on the run, too, it will consequently increase your chances to sell more of your produces/services.

Curious how you’d actually collaborate with our team?

Step 1: we’ll have a little chat to settle down your future website’s functional and content-related specifications:

  • how do you visualize your future website?
  • what elements and styles do you want it to feature?
  • what functionality is a must for your business’ needs?
  • what categories should there be on your website (including their images, short descriptions, headings etc.)?

It’s during this meeting/s that our team of web designers will “crayon” the backbone of your website, so that you can have an idea of how your site will eventually look like, how all its elements will interact and fit with one another.

It’s a highly important phase of our collaboration for us, too, when each member of our team (headed by the project manager assigned to you) will get an in-depth understanding of your specific requirements and of your business’s specific needs, too.

Step 2: we get to work. Stay reassured, your “job” doesn’t end in the preliminary phase of our collaboration! We’ll still consult you and ask for our guidance; once our graphic designer will have completed the web design it’s you who’ll decide whether we should go ahead and implement it as such or if you need us to apply certain changes to it.

Ranging from its color scheme, its layout, font choice, header design, you’ll get to share with us your honest opinion (whether it’s appropriate for your type of business or not quite, whether you love it or hate it) before we go ahead and implement them.

What will come out of our future mobile development collaboration?

An easy to navigate through website with:

  • an eye-pleasing, clean and responsive web design reflecting your vision and your brand’s identity 
  • content (images, navigation elements, structure, text) which automatically re-adjusts itself to all mobile device’s specific sizes, therefore requiring less annoying on-page scrolling.


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