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“A picture is worth a thousand  words.” Yet, it's words that are at the very base of great user experience. And this is precisely what we do around here, in our Marketing & Content department: we craft the content meant to help you connect with your site's users.

Connect, build trust, build authority and deliver the best user experience!

And how do we achieve that? Through our 7 marketing & content services that we're ready to provide you with:

Content Marketing Audit

Continuous improvement is (should be) any content marketing strategy's main goal. Yet, you can't improve something that you don't have a deep understanding of. This is where we delve deep into your existing site content, identify its weak points, assess and come up with a list of clearly defined recommendations

Content Marketing Strategy

Your business objectives vs your target audience's needs. Needs to consider and to adjust the future content to. This is pretty much what this process comes down to. Defining the type(s) of content to be written (content matching the identified target audience's profile), setting up a preliminary publishing schedule and setting in place the channels to be distributed to.

Content Creation & Implementation

Need we say more? This is where our team of content creators —  with the list of the target audience's particularities and target keywords at hand — craft the content that should engage & convert.

Content Marketing Planning

A detailed content plan and publishing schedule are set in place.

Content Maintenance

Since there's no such thing as “everlasting content”:

  • keeping old content constantly “refreshed”
  • links updated
  • old screenshots replaced
  • poorly optimized written content replaced with new, more relevant one

… will only “reinvigorate” your website and improve the user experience that you deliver there

Content Marketing Measurement

For it's all about numbers, even when you're “joggling” with masterfully chosen words! This is why we adopt a data-driven approach to content. It's stats and web analytics that always indicate opportunities for improving content in the name of performance. For we do write with a purpose, with top performance in mind and not for writing's sake.

Content Optimization

Optimize, optimize then... optimize some more! Once the reports and relevant stats point out the key opportunities to be leveraged for improving performance through content... we get to work: keyword optimization, longer written pieces of content, internal links, embracing storytelling and experimenting with the latest content writing and copywriting for making it more engaging, more compelling...


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