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"From selling products or services to... delivering unique e-commerce experiences." This is our motto as Drupal Commerce developers.


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What Is Drupal Commerce and How Does It Work?

Let's go from general to specific.

So, a "generic" definition would be:

It's a dedicated software for Drupal that enables you to build flexible eCommerce websites and apps. To create and deliver content-driven, personalized eCommerce experiences.

Whereas a more "specific" definition would be:

The Drupal Commerce module is a... package of Drupal modules which:

  • builds on Drupal's architecture, leveraging some of its robust features

  • provides you with a native eCommerce framework

What you get is a complex eCommerce solution for Drupal that serves your 3 major goals:

  • to sell your products/services (a simple, yet powerful eCommerce framework)

  • to easily manage the content "fueling" the shopping experiences on your Drupal site (a rich content system)

  • to build a community around your products/services (a community platform)

Why Use Drupal Commerce? 

Still not clear why you should go with this Drupal-based eCommerce solution? Why there's a clear "winner" for you in any "Drupal Commerce vs Magento" and "Drupal Commerce vs Ubercart" debate?

Here are your rock-solid reasons:

  • you'll get to leverage a robust and efficient content management system: Drupal

  • you get to tailor your eCommerce platform even to your very specific requirements

In short, you get the best of both worlds: power and flexibility.

A reliable CMS and a flexible eCommerce solution to adjust to your needs:

From specific gateways and payment processors to all kinds of legacy systems that your eCommerce business depends on, to various recommendation engines, you can easily incorporate any 3rd party services into your Drupal Commerce website.

Feel free to inject any eCommerce functionality into your Drupal site, any customization option that would enrich the shopping experience delivered there.

All because Drupal Commerce's powerful APIs make any integration a breeze.


Top Benefits of Drupal Commerce

1. Flexible. Highly equipped with customized features, Drupal Commerce makes it easier to sell and manage various product types, like tickets, subscriptions, or digital content. 

2. Cost-effective. Drupal Commerce doesn't charge you for integrating eCommerce plugins and modules with your site. You can use it for free to create your robust web store and boost your website's functionality. 

3. Content-driven. As the Drupal Commerce platform is built upon the Drupal CMS, it allows users to leverage a wide range of optimized merchandising tools and products with ease. You can build your social media marketing strategy or improve your visibility on search engines with proven SEO techniques. 

4. Intuitive. Drupal Commerce provides an intuitive web interface that makes managing your products, orders, and customer service as easy as 1, 2, 3. Highly optimized with accessibility in mind, Drupal Commerce is designed to match the needs of a wide range of customers.

5. PCI compliant. As security is one of the most important pillars of successful digital transactions, Drupal Commerce was designed as a fully PCI-compliant software. More exactly, it guarantees that the cards used to complete transactions on your site are highly secured. 

6. Supports multiple payment methods. Online transactions made on Drupal Commerce are highly flexible as they allow multiple payment options like PayPal, Realex Payments, or WorldPay. 


Top Drupal Commerce Features You Need

We've covered the "What" and the "Why", now it's time to get into specifics. 

To dig out some of the most powerful Drupal Commerce features, those that you'll want to integrate into your eCommerce website:

Unique Product Types

Say you're offering some custom-built products or services on your eCommerce website such as: licensing.

Drupal Commerce enables you to set up any product type quickly and easily, without going through the configuration "ordeal" that other platforms put you through…

Inventory Management

A crucial eCommerce functionality injected into your website via 2 powerful Drupal modules: Commerce Inventory and Commerce Stock.

Commerce Rules

How do you streamline the whole process of calculating the final fee after all the required costs have been added to the initial price (shopping costs, taxes)?

You set some rules, right?

For this, there are various 3rd party shipping sites — UPS, FedEx — that you can easily connect to your Drupal Commerce site. Let them implement those custom rules for you…

Order Management

A summary of the ordered products, of both successful and failed transactions, of the specific options added to those ordered products…

Tax Calculation/VAT Support

Transparency is not key, it's... critical.

Therefore, leverage your predefined commerce rules and display all the taxes to be added to the initial price: VAT taxes, sales taxes…


Drupal Commerce, via its Commerce Shipping contributed module, enables you to identify (and adapt the shopping process accordingly) those cases where the shipping and billing addresses are different.

Third-Party Integrations

And we've already stressed out this major convenience of using Drupal Commerce over any other eCommerce platform: you're free to integrate your website with hundreds of third-party services and Drupal modules.

Even have us build custom modules that fit your particular eCommerce needs.

Why Build Your Drupal eCommerce Website with Us?

Because you need an eCommerce website that fits your design preferences and your unique requirements entirely (don't you?).

And because custom Drupal development is what we do here at OPTASY. It's what we've been doing for 10+ years now...

In this respect, Drupal Commerce fits our own "profile" as an eCommerce web development team entirely:

  • it uses the same API-first approach and coding standards as Drupal, so we can easily tap into our extensive experience as a Drupal development team

  • it challenges us to set up your online store from scratch, configure it, and even create a Drupal Commerce theme from the ground up

  • it empowers us to customize it to the slightest detail

From design to content, to complex eCommerce integrations and customization work... we're ready to build more than just a robust online store for you:

We're here to help you deliver personalized, content-driven eCommerce experiences that engage.


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