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What is Acquia Site Studio?

Acquia Site Studio is a groundbreaking low-code website builder, designed to simplify and expedite the web creation process.

It empowers developers to craft reusable components, enabling even non-technical business users to construct pages and generate content without delving into code. 

The result? A swifter route to market and a consistent, brand-compliant digital presence.


Key benefits of Acquia Site Studio


Easier Creation of Digital Experiences

With Acquia Site Studio at your fingertips, creating digital experiences becomes intuitive and streamlined. Craft engaging web environments and ensure your audience always receives a top-tier experience.

Composable Digital Experiences

Embrace the power of modularity. Acquia Site Studio's architecture is designed for flexibility, allowing users to build and rearrange digital experiences like building blocks. 

This composability ensures that your website remains adaptable, versatile, and primed for future innovations.

Effortless Page Creation and Editing

Gone are the days of laborious page designing. With Acquia Site Studio, users can create and tweak pages on the fly. Its user-friendly interface ensures that whether you're constructing a page from scratch or making minor edits, the process remains smooth and efficient.

Seamless Integration of Brand Guidelines

Every brand is unique, and your website should reflect that distinct identity. Acquia Site Studio allows for the incorporation of your specific brand guidelines, ensuring that every page, component, and element aligns with your brand's voice, style, and ethos.

Robust Compliance and Security

Digital experiences should never come at the cost of security. Acquia Site Studio is built with a steadfast commitment to meeting industry-standard compliance and security requirements. Your content remains protected, and your users can navigate with confidence, knowing their data is safe.


Key features of Acquia Site Studio


Content Template Builder

The Content Template Builder allows users to define, customize, and implement templates for various content types.

Whether you're setting up a blog post, product page, or event listing, the Content Template Builder streamlines the process and offers the flexibility to cater to each content's unique needs.

Style Guide Manager

This feature provides users with the tools to define and manage brand-specific styles, from typography and color palettes to spacing and more.

By centralizing your brand's style elements, you ensure a coherent and consistent brand presentation throughout the digital experience.

Drag-and-Drop Content Authoring

With the Drag-and-Drop Content Authoring feature, users can visually build pages by simply dragging elements and placing them as desired. 

It removes the complexities traditionally associated with web design, allowing both seasoned developers and non-technical team members to craft stunning web pages with ease.

Component Library

Think of the Component Library as your digital toolkit, stocked with a vast array of pre-designed elements and modules. 

From call-to-action buttons and image galleries to testimonial sliders and navigation menus, the Component Library provides a reservoir of components that can be seamlessly integrated into pages. This not only accelerates the design process but also ensures a high level of design uniformity across your site.


Optasy’s certified developers can help you build your Drupal website using Acquia Site Studio. 

Contact us for more information.


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