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Acquia Drupal

Infrastructure, vetted pre-installed modules and configurations, dedicated support all packed in one Drupal distribution: Acquia Drupal.


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What Is Acquia Drupal More Precisely?

It's a package distribution for Drupal.

Or, if you're looking for a more detailed definition:

It's a tarball distribution that ships with everything you need to set up a custom Drupal site.You get Drupal core, third-party modules, and key configurations right out of the box.

Take it as a convenient default boilerplate that bundles together all the essential components of a fully functional Drupal website. A freely available one...

Why Would You Want to Use Acquia Drupal Distribution?

In other words, what are the major pros of using this Drupal install package?

  • You get to automate the entire Drupal site-building process. Just run your default boilerplate, it already incorporates Drupal core and the essential modules.

  • You get to create a Drupal website that fits your most specific needs: there's a whole collection of third-party modules and configurations to select from and... mix and match.

  • Your website benefits from Monitoring via the Acquia Network.

  • You get dedicated support.

  • You get a digital experience platform designed exclusively for Drupal by Drupal experts.

  • You get to easily create and deliver a personalized content-driven user experience across multiple channels.

In short: Acquia Drupal's an all-rolled-into-one package to use for putting your Drupal website building process on... auto-pilot.

Take it as a jumpstart to building and launching your Drupal website...

No need to worry about downloading and enabling unnecessary Drupal modules, that would only bog down your website. Or about using the wrong configurations.

All the modules included in this distribution have already been tested and vetted by Acquia's Drupal professionals, based on best practices.

Just “unwrap” your package of essential Drupal elements and start... assembling them together. In other words, you get to build your Drupal website at high speed.


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