But Why MongoDB?

… instead of MySQL or another classic relational database?

Well, precisely because of these classic systems' increasingly obvious limitations in terms of scalability!

Now, let's us detail a bit the key advantages of using MongoDB over MySQL:

  • Unlike classic relational databases, with their rigid tables and rows used for data storage, MongoDB stores your data in dynamic JSON-like documents that can easily vary in structure. It goes without saying that this makes data integration a lot easier and faster
  • Next, MongoDB is built with boundless scale in mind! Due to its built-in support for data sharding and its replication feature, it can handle (by scaling itself horizontally) a both massive and highly diversified load of data sets. It's built to scale, automatically, with zero downtime and zero changes to your app
  • It grants you flexibility: practically you're no longer constrained to define your structure (e.g. to set up your fields or to assign them values and so on) each and every time you need to add new records to your database! In MongoDB you can apply changes to your documents/records' structure by simply adding/deleting fields. In other words: check “convenience” off your must-have list!
  • You gain easy access to your own data: thanks to the JSON-like documents that it stores your data in (and to their dynamic schemas), you're practically enabled to access any data stored in your database a lot faster (and “fast”, along with “security”, sure are the two “names of the game” in the digital world these days, right?)
  • It has a flexible data model (MongoDB is schemaless!!!), which allows your database to grow, organically, along with your organization's ever-growing data storage needs
  • It uses replica sets ensuring you high database availability. Just imagine several copies of the same data and how these replicas will “save the day”: in case your primary data fails, the others are always there to take its place!
  • It's built with relational databases' functionality and feature-richness and with key-note databases' speed and scalability in mind
  • Have we already mentioned its unmatched scalability (I think we have!)? Your MongoDB can scale across and within multiple distributed centers, leading, therefore, to multi-layered availability, as well

Wrapping up now!

You should go for a MongoDB-based data storage solution if:
  • you need to build your app fast
  • you hate being constrained to a rigid schema
  • you anticipate that you'll be needing more and more storage room for your increasing volume of data in the future to come
  • your business critical apps depend on high database availability
  • you expect total flexibility when it comes to storing and combining your data

Our MongoDB Development Services

As your database-as-a-service platform provider our goal is pretty straightforward: handling everything database-related! From strategy, to trial to migration to development and integration and optimization, so you can spare and invest your time in innovation instead!

Yet, before we even get started, we will be “stealing” some of your time(still, this will be well-invested time). Let's call it “pre-development time”, where we'll:

  • listen all about your company's particular data storage needs
  • do our best to guide your choices
  • put together a custom data management strategy for you

Next, we'll proceed with our development and implementation steps:
  • Mongo DB Installing
  • MongoDB Implementing and Customizing to Your Own Business Needs
  • MongoDB Development
  • MongoDB Integration
  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • MongoDB Migration: moving your data, currently stored in a different database, to MongoDB
  • Crafting Flexible Customization Options for You
  • Configuration & Optimization

Now, as for our post-development services & solutions (for we do deliver full life-cycle MonoDB services, you know), they include:

  • Post-implementation training: our MongoDB experts will be working closely with your own team, ensuring that they adopt the best practices and acquire the skill-sets needed for leveraging your database's ideally structured features and functionality
  • 24/7 database monitoring and maintenance
  • Backup and recovery
  • Performance monitoring

Why Us?

… since there sure are plenty of other teams out there “overly excited” (like us) about MongoDB's unmatched flexibility, scalability and high performance?”.

Here are some of the reasons why OPTASY:
  • we're collaborative and transparent: you won't be left in the dark, guessing, after our very first discussion, jist how your tailor-made data storage solution might turn out; you'll get regular updates on your project's status
  • we're communicative: for strongly believe (we're not just “preaching” it) that our communication skills are as valuable as our experience and expertise as database engineers/administrators
  • we're not the multi-tasking, multi-skilled type of team, but a well-knitted “cluster” of database experts, each one specialized in his/her own field: architects, consultants, developers, in-house UX/UI specialists and designers and business analysts
  • we're not just developing fully functional DBA solutions, but we're tailoring them to your own organization's database needs

In a nutshell: whether it's a low volume of data that your organization handles at the present, yet anticipating “truckloads” of data in the future to come, or an already “overwhelming” load of data instead, we'll be leveraging precisely those MongoDB  features and functionality that respond to both your present and anticipated future

data storage needs.

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