Drupal e-Commerce

Which are your expectations regarding your future Drupal e-commerce website?

1. Should it be a fully integrated, 2-in-1 e-commerce platform?
Checked! You'll get a content management platform + an e-commerce platform (and not a standalone one or two separate ones that you'd have to juggle with simultaneously). Drupal commerce is designed so that it should perfectly integrate with Drupal's CMS!

2. Should it be search engines-friendly?
Checked! Your future Drupal e-commerce website will come with optimized URLs and modules aimed at rendering it more friendly and noticeable to Google.

3. Should it satisfy the highest security needs?
Double checked! Consider this: Drupal e-commerce platform's level of security has been tested, improved and re-tested not by one or by a small  group of developers, but by a whole community scattered all over the globe. They make the most secure “safe” for your sensitive customer data!     

4. Should it be versatile?
Checked! You surely agree that your future e-commerce website will have to do a lot more than just... to take orders. It will have to turn into a "full community site" (with forums, product reviews, blogs etc.), aimed at making your users hang around on your website. Stay reassured: getting these featured integrated into your Drupal e-commerce website is... piece of cake.

5. Should it be a reflection of your unique vision?
Nothing easier! Whether you already have your own design/idea that you'd like us to implement or you just need a brand new module that should meet your business' specific needs (one not available among Drupal's e-commerce core features), we're here to develop it for you!

6. Should it be highly scalable?
Checked! Due to its core features, Drupal e-commerce platform makes it so easy for any developer to “assemble" a website as quickly as you say: "DRUPAL!". It will display your products, manage orders, offer you a variety of payment gateways to choose from, support tax calculation etc. As your company gets bigger, we're here to help you get your own e-commerce website scale to its growing needs: by integrating PayPal, Amazon or Ebay, coupons, invoicing etc.

7. Should it make it easy for you to monitor your traffic and to analyze your customers' behaviour?
Checked! Knowing how many customers visited your website on a specific day/week/month, what they bought, what pages they lingered on and so on is  powerful information for any e-commerce website owner!

Well, you'll get your hands on this info, since your Drupal e-commerce site will come fully equipped with reporting and web analytics tools, giving you a clear insight into the activity going on on your site. Moreover, Drupal makes it easy for us to integrated third-party systems into your website, thus helping you extend its functionality. 

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