The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Canada's prestigious and research-intensive faculty of teaching and learning, assigned us with building their new website.

In this respect, the requirements revolved around their overall goal to deliver a better user experience on their new website:

  • the content-packed web pages had load faster

  • a more user-friendly UI had to be designed

  • a more efficient navigation structure had to be put together

  • it should be fully responsive, as well

What We Did
  • a high performance Drupal 8 website, with optimized (content-heavy) page loading times

  • more intuitive navigation for both the professor and student visitors; from graduate programs to news and events, to specific useful information related to leisure, learning opportunities, and support services, users can now easily find the content they search for on the Institute's newly “refurbished” website

  • a user-friendly layout

  • a website packed with all the tools that content editors will need to easily and neatly structure their content (ex. both the Paragraphs module and the Block field module got enabled)

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